Kylie Ireland Gives Voice to Internet Radio

Interactive Web radio upstart KSEX ( has got a good thing going in adult industry icon and former AVN Best New Starlet Kylie Ireland. As an on-air personality with her own show, Kylie Live, Thursday nights 9 p.m. PST, Ireland’s making the most of studies in broadcast journalism, waylaid while her “instrument” was engaged in… er… other employ.

Kylie Live is a showcase for the ins and outs (sorry) of the porn superstar’s life, “from her bisexual affairs to big time movies with the legends of porn,” boasts.

“What am I doing here?” she mocks, looking around the show floor, obviously totally enjoying what is, surprise surprise, her first Internext. After all, Ireland’s had a Web presence since 1996. KSEX invited her to broadcast live from inside the Adam & Eve booth “all week,” about which she enthused, “Cool!

“After eight years of signing, two-hour-long lines, writing my name a million times, coming in with hangovers and all that crap… I’m over it. Last year I didn’t even come to the convention at all. Now, I’m coming back in a whole different capacity, and it’s a lot of fun.”

She’s finding it “more interesting,” because she’s able to “talk to people and do interviews, and goof off, do stupid little contests, as opposed to sitting there and nodding and smiling and trying to put on the happy face for these fans when [inside] you’re kinda going, ‘I’m tired, I don’t feel good.’”

The KSEX folks are coming up with giveaways and daily contests: “Today there was a lap-dance.” While Ireland herself didn’t deliver the goods (Teri Summers hopped on the “random guy”), she found herself getting jealous, being outside the action; station stalwart Wankus then had her sit down and made the guy dance for Ireland. (These Lord of the Dance banners hangin’ all over the Venetian took on a whole new dimension, dude.)

Stunts like this make you wish radio were visual; thankfully, KSEX streams, so most of the time it is.

Ireland bemoans that the hour she’s got for Kylie Live. “It’s too much time just to talk about your everyday stuff… you get bored of that after about 30, 40, minutes. But if you set up a big thing, like I’ve been doing – testing toys – I got a hold of some of the toy companies, I said, ‘Do you have any new product, send it to me,’ then I have girls come on the show and we test it out. That’s good radio.”

With a Webcam, to top things off. “There’s a chatroom, we take callers, it’s all very interactive.”

In terms of overall goals, Ireland’s going to get some tape together and try for a mainstream radio gig. “I’ve got this name that I’ve built for the last 10 years, and I’m hoping a morning show somewhere might need a pornstar sidekick to spice things up.”

There’s sure to be a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.