Kylie Ireland’s SlutWerkz Is Back on Track with SexZ Pictures

Kylie Ireland's SlutWerkz, producing extreme hard-edged gonzo directed by female performers, has a new distribution deal with SexZ Pictures.

The company was first announced almost a year ago, when it was going to be distributed by DVSX. But that was before Ireland parted ways with DVSX, and before her partner, Eli Cross, was named SexZ's head of production.

This time around, SlutWerkz is definitely a go, with the first release, Ireland's Submitted for Your Approval, scheduled for September. After that, SexZ will release one SlutWerkz title a month.

Cross is also production chief of SlutWerks, which is otherwise a female-dominated company. "I'm the token male," he told

SexZ, he said, will concentrate its SlutWerkz marketing on the Internet and in Europe, although there will also be domestic DVD distribution.

"We're trying to figure this as a next generation company from the start, rather than looking at DVDs as the be-all and end-all," he said.

"The entire thrust of the company is foreign licensing and Video on Demand and direct download and download to burn. We almost look at the DVDs as loss-leader advertising,"

Cyberspace will certainly be more hospitable than retail distribution to the SlutWerkz content, which means to explore the darker, kinkier aspects of women's erotic fantasies. Cross described it as "really, really hard gonzo, designed to break a lot of rules. But there will be a lot more rules broken on VoD than on the DVD."

He cited the probability of "several scenes with fisting in them" in Ireland's first movie, but these will not be on domestic DVDs. They will be in the content available on the website, and on the European discs, which he said, "I'm sure will have everything."

SlutWerkz directors besides Ireland will include Ginger Lynn, Katja Kassin and Lorelei Lee. "We're talking to Annette Schwartz about doing some stuff in Germany," Cross said, "and Julie Night will probably shoot something for us at some point."

Ireland said she wants to focus "on using directors who have been or still are talent. Everybody will be performing in their movies."

Submitted for Your Approval, first announced last April, will now begin shooting at the beginning of May. Ireland said it will be considerably harder than the hard-edge gonzo movies she shot for DVSX (Twisted as Fuck) or Platinum X (Ass Wreckage).

She compared it to the gonzos she's been shooting for SexZ, such as Double Violations and Sick Chicks. The former is an all-d.p.  movie in which all the women do either a double vaginal and/or a double anal.

"And with Sick Chicks, wow, I don't even know where to begin," she laughed. "I shot stuff that even shocked me."

In Submitted for Your Approval, Cross said, "there's probably not going to be a scene that is not controversial. At least one of the scenes is completely hard bondage—not even making a nod at untying the girl halfway through."

Ginger Lynn's first SlutWerkz show is slated to finish in August. "She's just so excited about doing it," Ireland said, adding that although Lynn will not officially be performing, "she has this way of ending up in the movie anyway.

"Ginger will be directing something, and she's just so hands-on, she just ends up in the scene. So I have a feeling we're going to be seeing some Ginger Lynn scenes. She's not going to be able to stay our of her own fantasies."

As for SexZ exclusive Hillary Scott, who has a directing deal of her own, Cross said, "I don't think we want to dilute Hillary's value to SexZ Pictures by having her direct for another company. She might perform in SlutWerkz product, but I don't think she'll be directing."

But there has been plenty of interest from other performers, he added, and they want to bring something new to the table.

"Porn leads by following," he said. "One company does something that works and everybody else does the same thing. The women we've talked to want to do exactly the opposite. They have genuinely original ideas."

And, he added, they really want to prove they can carry them out.

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