Kurt Lockwood Wraps <i>The Real Boogie Nights</i> for Sex Z

Actor/director Kurt Lockwood has wrapped production on Sex Z Pictures’ The Real Boogie Nights, a XXX parody of P.T. Anderson’s acclaimed 1997 mainstream feature about the porn industry.

“The shoot was super-amazing -- it’s truly adult film history in the making,” Lockwood told AVN.com. “We have a window that’s always closing on our time with our legends of our industry, and to get Ron Jeremy and Amber Lynn to come back and do a movie like this is amazing. And to marry that prestige to up-and-comers like myself, Sunny Lane, Marie Luv, Tee Reel, Jack Lawrence – it’s just an all-star cast, almost a passing of a torch from the legends to the next generation."

In the movie, Lockwood spoofs Mark Wahlberg’s Dirk Diggler character, with Lawrence as his sidekick. Jeremy sends up the Burt Reynolds character from the original film, while Lynn co-stars in the Julianne Moore role (a part allegedly based on her in the mainstream film.) Tee Reel plays the black cowboy Buck, and Sunny Lane steps into Heather Graham’s rollerskates as “Skater Girl.” Mainstream actor James Bartholet rounds out the cast as The Colonel.

“Dillon Day came back, and in an ironic twist, played the new gonzo-era guy coming into the industry,” Lockwood said. “It was fun, because I got to kick his ass in the movie; he’s about three times bigger than me, so that’s the only way I’ll ever get to kick his ass!”

The director performed in four sex scenes during the shoot. “I have to say that the scene I did with Amber coming out of retirement was a standout,” Lockwood said. “I’ve worked with Amber before, and she could really teach these new girls a thing or two. Honorable mention should go to the threeway scene I did with Gwen Diamond and Tiffany Price, who are really the cream of the crop in the new wave of female performers.”

According to Lockwood, Sex Z is looking to release The Real Boogie Nights in March. “We’ll probably start getting serious about post-production after the AVN Awards,” he said. “This is going to be a real bear to edit, because there are so many shots, so I’ll be barricaded in the editing bay for two solid weeks. My next one is a parody of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange called A Cockwork Orange, with myself as the Alex character. I’m trying to do my part to move adult forward in a positive, creative and challenging way.”