KSEXradio Listener Choice Awards Held Tonight in Burbank

Tonight KSEXradio will hold their Listener Choice Awards show, where fans let their voice be heard, or at least their votes, by recognizing their favorite KSEXradio personalities in a number of categories.

Layla Jade, who is a KSEXradio Porn Jockey [PJ], will host the sold out show, sponsored by DVD rental service WantedList.com, at the Sardos Restaurant and Bar in Burbank. Undisclosed industry notables will present awards.

"The 34 hosts that work for KSEX have really brought so many good things to the table," said Wankus, who serves as KSEXradio’s program director as well hosting the station’s only nightly show, the Wanker Show. "They all deserve to leave with an award because they are so loyal and have such a strong belief in what we're all doing here."

Categories that were vote on include: Favorite Amateur Porn Star, Favorite Porn Star, Best KSEXradio Host Having Sex on Film, Best KSEXradio Host Hummer on Film, Sexiest KSEXradio Babe, Episode of the Year, Best KSEXradio Show, and Best KSEXradio PJ.

Over the last month and a half, listeners of the porn Internet broadcast station have been voting online, indicating their favorite in each category.

Wankus took a preemptive strike against the remote possibilty of sore losers in a statement announcing the show, saying, "by no means does that mean those who didn't win are not good PJs. In fact, polling in nearly all of the categories was very close, some projected winners got knocked down to second place on the very last day the ballots were open."

KSEX PJs Violet Blue, Amber Lynn and Kylie Ireland haven’t been with the station long enough to qualify for this year’s competition, though everyone else at the station is eligible.

The event begins at 8:00pm and fans on the RSVP list that cannot attend are asked to contact [email protected] so that people on the waiting list can be offered the chance to attend.

"We're sold out and more people want to come," said Wankus. "I'd hate to have a few no shows and lock out other people who definitely want to be there."