KSEX Sets Up 'Get Well Texts' Fundraiser for Nicki Hunter

KSEXradio.com, in partnership with Smart SMS text messaging service provider, has organized a mobile phone-based fundraising campaign to aid Nicki Hunter and her family in the financial burden they've suffered due to Hunter's recent diagnosis with cancer of her lymph system.

Approved by the Hunter family, the 30-day drive will donate 80 percent of funds generated by participants' sending of "get well" greetings to Hunter via text messaging, at $.99 per message.

"Anyone with a cell phone, working in the industry or a fan of adult, must participate in this very worthy cause," stated KSEX program director Wankus in a press release. "It's too easy, too affordable and too important to all our very small XXX family that wants and needs Nicki back on a movie set ASAP!"

The steps to participate are as follows:

• Open a blank text message document on your cell phone or your computer's SMS service.

• Enter 54015 as the send number.

• In the body of the message, enter KSEX.

• Shortly after sending the message, you will receive a notification thanking you for your participation and reminding you that there is a $.99 charge. It will give you another short code to enter as a reply. Type that code in, send it, and you are finished.

"Nicki is a former KSEXradio host who the staff and fans absolutely adore," Wankus said. "She's intelligent, motivated, hard working, a proud wife, proud mother, and the glass is always full no matter how many times you try to pick it up and throw it at her.

"No matter what we're all dealing with on a daily basis in our own crazy worlds, our sister, our co-worker and our friend is going through worse," he offered in closing. "Let's show her how we can all bond together, fight with her, and get her back in our lives!"

For more information, contact [email protected]  

Also spearheading fundraising efforts is Debbie Schwarz, a.k.a. De'Bella, who can be contacted at 818.825.5462 or [email protected]