Kong Sponsors Ironman Competitors

Dietary supplement makers Kong sponsored Ironman contest competitors Kevin Spina and Don Sullivan, who raced to the finish of the grueling 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile ride, and 26-mile run. Finishing in the top 200 of their classes, Kevin and Don were among 2,200 athletes who took on the challenge of extreme physical and mental endurance on Nov. 8 in Panama City, Florida and Kong recently hit the Net to promote these feats of strength..

"Talk about performance and endurance," Kong Cash Affiliate Director Maggie Kelly told AVN Online. "Just take a look at the bodies on these guys. They epitomize sex, health, and strength. Everything you want in a sex partner."

The two athletes took a regular dose of "two Kong per day" throughout training and a double dose during the week prior to the race. Forty-four year old Spina had previously competed in five Ironman competitions, but this race was his first supplemented by Kong.

"During training I was pumped," said Spina. "You don't think that you’re going to see your time improve by that great a margin, but it did. Call it superstition, or just good natural testosterone boost, but Kong is staying put in my pre-competition prep kit."

Real Radio's Josh Cohen and Lexxus welcomed Team Kong in the WZZR Radio 94.3FM studios one week after the Ironman to discuss the details of the race. Competitor Sullivan awarded the Real Radio hosts with Team Kong jerseys and suggested that Lexxus change into the jersey immediately and her breasts. In support of Kong, Kelly helped Lexxus off with her shirt and snapped photos of the group for Kong's online press pages.

"Kong is great in the sack and at the track," added Kelly.

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