Kong Cash Signs New Affiliates

Kong Cash is proud to announce the addition of the Elizabeth-Carson Group, WebStream Internet Solutions, and Macho411 to their list of affiliates. 

“Affiliates are the heart and sole of Kong's growth,” said Maggie Kelly, Kong Cash Affiliate Director. “I love my affiliates, and Kong Girl will go to great lengths to be sure they are happy and satisfied.” 

Elizabeth-Carson is one ofEurope's most prestigious fetish models, photographers, artists, and web designers. Webstream Internet Solutions is one of the oldest and largest Web hosting companies and a leading provider of comprehensive business Internet services, with an emphasis on serving the business-to-business market in more than 150 countries and every U.S. state. Macho411is posting competitive traffic with it's upscale design and large selection of link sites from personals to live cams, photographers, trannies, toy shops, and of course every niche site. 

"Kong is the best penis performance product on the market,” Kelly added. “Kong is also the best value because we do everything from product development to product shipment in-house. Each ingredient in Kong has a long history of successful use as a stamina booster and erotic intensifier. Plus, Kong is all natural and contains no harmful drugs.”

Kong is a dietary supplement that offers product incentives to site surfers and new opportunities to mitigate customer chargebacks. Produced by KMS for the adult market, Kong is a scientifically designed blend of potent Amazon, Chinese, African and South American herbs and plants.

“When people order other products online,” Kelly continued, “up to 65% of the purchase price is being paid to a middleman or ‘Website Affiliate’ for advertising the product online which inflates the customer's cost to $60 to $100 per bottle! Affiliate websites are perfectly legitimate but we decided that 65% was an outrageous commission for our customers to pay, so we eliminated the outrageous commissions and passed the savings on to you.” 

The Kong Cash product line is now sold on sites as diverse as Gold's Gym, Sweet and Kinky, Hot Sexy Shemales, LadyLatexx, ArtbodyPhoto, and hundreds of sites across the globe. Kong will also soon be releasing O-rx, a topical cream sold in conjunction or separately from Kong and will provide a higher commission payout to webmasters.