Kong Calendar Model Search Kicks Off

Kong has announced a search to find the “hottest” models for their first calendar shoot, scheduled in December. 

Each of the winning models will be selected to represent a month and receive copies of the calendar to sell on their own Website. Their sites become official Kong Cash affiliates and they become an official Kong Girl, with credits listed on KongModels.com and Kong-Girl.com with links to their Websites.

In addition, the girls will be asked to participate in live events such as radio broadcasts, promotional events, and also have the chance to be part of KongBlackBook.com advertising, which includes posters, radio and television spots.

"Kong is growing in leaps and bounds so we needed a way to get quality models interested in promoting the product,” Kong Cash Affiliate Director Maggie Kelly told AVN.com

“We are looking for all types of girls, sexy, fit, fresh, and good in front of a camera,” Kelly explained. “The voting for the first round of girls began with an all out blast of online attention - so much so that we hit the 10,000 mark in two days and crashed the server.  Now, into the second round, we are on top of the massive traffic load and have scheduled a third round in late November.” 

The present group of models range from exotic dancers to Playboy models to experienced swimwear models to glamour girls to fresh faced girl-next-door types.  Kong will post photos of the girls on KongModels.com

“The contest is going great. We've had so many hot girls entering the competition that we can't keep up with them. It will be really cool to have a Kong Girl on each coast, in every city, and going to events. Who wouldn't want to see a group of girls giving men hard-ons?"

Kong is a dietary supplement that offers product incentives to site surfers and new opportunities to mitigate customer chargebacks. Produced by KMS for the adult market, Kong is a scientifically designed blend of potent Amazon, Chinese, African and South American herbs and plants. 

Interested models can submit photos and bios to [email protected] or [email protected].