Komen Foundation Rejects Pornhub Breast Cancer Donations

DALLAS—Susan G. Komen for the Cure apparently hates porn more than it cares about the fight against breast cancer. Though hard to imagine (or rationalize), why else would the charitable foundation have decided to reject donations from adult tube site Pornhub.com, which this week offered to donate one penny for every 30 views of its ‘Small Tits’ and ‘Big Tits’ videos to the Komen cause?

Considering the massive amount of traffic that Pornhub attracts on a given day, the donations could have amounted to something special, but the Komen folk obviously found the source of funding too distasteful, which is a shame considering many of the women they help may actually enjoy adult content, or even make it!

According to NBC, however, the Komen group responded unambiguously when contacted about the donation, saying, "We are not a partner, not accepting donations, and have asked them to stop using our name."

Okay, okay... we get it. The money raised may have no ideological affiliation, but you do. Good for you.

Pornhub, undeterred, announced Thursday that it is looking for a new charity for breast cancer to replace Komen. "Unfortunately, we have had to change our targeted beneficiary," said the company. "As such, Pornhub.com is now calling on all breast cancer foundations to come forward and be considered as the recipient of this cash donation.

"So don't be afraid to step up and let your voices be heard," continued the announcement. "Any charitable entities related to breast cancer research or awareness should submit their interest to Pornhub at [email protected]. One charity will be chosen and announced in the coming days."