Kissa Sins Kicks Off 2018 With Jules Jordan Contract

LOS ANGELES—Since she made her debut in 2015, Kissa Sins has become a top performer in the industry—and throughout, she’s mostly worked with women. Oh, and one man: 10-year veteran adult performer Johnny Sins, her partner in real life.

They met when Kissa saw him on Instagram and posted her phone number on one of his photos. She was looking for a quickie, but because she’s “bad at one-night stands,” they struck up a relationship. “I was his first civilian and he was my first porn star,” she has said on one of her vlogs on the couple’s YouTube channel.

But now she’s embarking on something new: a 25-scene contract with Jules Jordan Video that will have her working with other top male performers in the industry.

When she spoke with AVN before shooting her first boy/girl scenes with Jules Jordan, Kissa was bubbling with excitement. An effervescent presence with delicious natural curves, Kissa revealed that despite her status as a bona fide porn star, she “can still count the amount of men that I have fucked on one hand.”

She continued, “Since meeting Johnny Sins four and a half years ago, I haven’t touched another guy or kissed another guy or certainly never had sex with another guy. I’ve always been loyal to his penis in the porn industry.”

As a couple, however, the Sins have their pick of porn’s finest female performers. As a result, between the two of them, the Sins are nominated for AVN Awards in four different scene categories: both in Best Three-Way Sex Scene - G/G/B (shot for their own company, distributed by Jules Jordan Video), Kissa in Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene and Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene (for Evil Angel and Adult Empire, respectively), and Johnny in Best Boy-Girl Sex Scene (for Greg Lansky’s Vixen imprint).

“I always thought that his penis was the only penis I’d ever need,” Kissa said. “I never had thoughts of fucking other guys until recently. Maybe six months ago I started having dreams of fucking strangers, of fucking different guys, of fucking two guys at once, and things like that, and these fantasies started coming into my head. Suddenly I pictured myself, wondering, am I going to live my entire life not fucking a black man? Or am I going to live my entire life not fucking two men at once? My sexuality has grown and grown and grown so much since I met Johnny. I was a prude little girl when I met him, and now … I want to explore my sexuality and see where it takes me.”

Asked if it was hard to discuss the topic of taking on other partners, Kissa happily shared just how supportive Johnny has been about her ambitions. “I have always just wanted to be with him,” she said. “Really it’s always been my own choice. We have talked about it many, many times before. I’ve gotten a lot of offers over the years. I’ve come close to doing it before. So this is an open topic in our relationship. He’s always just been concerned of what I really want to do. He wants me to be happy at the end of the day.”

She added, “Johnny has a great reputation on set. He’s always really good to everyone. He just wants me to do well and to have my personality come out. He’s been telling me, ‘Don’t be nervous. Text me on the day.’ I wouldn’t be able to do it if he was feeling jealous or sad. … He’ll be waiting at the hotel to cuddle me afterwards.”

And when the time came to make the leap into shooting with other male performers, Kissa knew who should direct the first scenes.

“Jules Jordan and I have been friends for years,” Kissa said. “He used to come to Maui, where I lived, literally 10 minutes from my house. He would come frequently to photograph the big waves there. Johnny and I spent some time with him there, getting to know him as a person and not this famous pornographer guy. And so we became legitimately friends with him. I’ve always pictured doing this with him—not only because of our friendship and our DVD business relationship but also because I love his style. I love the pictures he takes, I love the outfits he chooses, I love the gonzo style. I just always really liked his stuff. And I think that it goes really well with how intensely crazy and sexual I am, and I think he’s going to be able to capture that really perfectly.”

The AVN Hall of Fame director was every bit as enthusiastic about the 25-scene contract. “Only once every decade or so, a performer with the potential of Kissa comes around, I’m very grateful she chose Jules Jordan Video to showcase her abilities, and expand her horizons,” Jordan said. “I’m shocked and delighted by what I’ve seen so far—good things come to those who wait!”

Kissa couldn’t reveal her first scene partners, but she did say that she’d be shooting two scenes over one weekend with very well-endowed performers. “So I won’t be able to walk on Monday, and I’m very excited about it. They come highly recommended, and Jules thinks they’ll be great, and I’m attracted to them both and I love both their work. I’m so excited. I feel like I’m in a candy store, and I’ve never tried any of the candy. And I get to try all the candy now.”

Among the sweet treats she’ll be sampling are anal sex scenes. “That will be included in this 25-scene contract over the next seven months. I think I’m better at anal than I am at regular sex, because I’m really good at dancing and twerking, and for some reason, maybe the way my vagina is shaped, I can’t dance on a dick the way I can when it’s in my ass.

“I’m excited for anal,” she added. “I can actually come out of my ass really, really well. I’m really excited for all of it.”

Another thing she’s looking forward: “I do want to do some Oil Overload scenes because I love oil and it looks great on my big butt.”

And working with the star of the Jules Jordan titles Dredd’s Devastation and Dredd’s Interracial Anal Destruction is also on her to-do list: “I’m really excited about that. Me and Dredd flirt all the time on Twitter and at parties.”

Asked about when her first scenes for Jules Jordan Video are coming out, she says they should debut in time for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, though at press time she wasn’t sure which ones would be released first. She hopes, however, to have her first IR scene out by then. “It was important to me to not wait to do IR. Not that I’m knocking anyone who waits, or anything, but it was just important to me to have it just be equal.”

But whatever she’s up to, Kissa will share it with her fans on SinsTV, the YouTube channel she and Johnny started in 2017.

“I’m going to be documenting this whole process on my YouTube channel, which has over 200k subscribers. I really want to show people the experience of me discovering everything—like how to play with an uncircumcised penis, which I’ve never done before.”

She continued, “I’m going to do one the night before—an anticipation video—and I’m going shoot one the night of [the shoot] and say how it went, and bring everyone along on the journey and really dissect it for everyone.”

The couple has been pleased and surprised by the growth of the YouTube site, as well as their online store,

“Our YouTube subscribers were around 50,000 and then one day it just quadrupled—I don’t really know what happened; it took off suddenly. Our growth rate on YouTube right now is insane,” Kissa said. “And when that started happening, our merch really took off. I mean, our merch store is beating our porn website right now as far as money, and I’m really, really happy about that. I’ve always believed in this merch and this logo, so I’m really excited to see that. Johnny and I designed this logo years ago, when I was sick in bed, and we were just playing around with fonts and things. So I’m very, very proud. That merch store is like my baby.”

To keep up on Kissa’s adventures, follow her on Twitter (@KissaSins) and Instagram (@CoyoteLovesYou). Their YouTube channel is and their porn site is Watch Kissa's brand-new videos about her contract here and here.

Photo above by Marcos Rivera. Photo below by Jules Jordan. Click here to see more images.