Kira Noir on Stripping, Anal Sex, Goth & Being 'Thankful'

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LOS ANGELES—Kira Noir reveals the first adult movie she ever bought featured Skin Diamond in every scene.

Released in November 2012, the Elegant Angel production titled Skin showcased the former Spiegler Girl in five hardcore throw-downs that saw her doing a gangbang, blow-bang and double penetration with the kind of fearlessness that made her a major star.

“I wanted to be like her so badly,” Noir says with a laugh. “Whenever I found out that she pretty much got her start doing GodsGirls photo sets I went ahead and submitted my own work.

“It was really, really bad at first. I was using a really bad camera. I didn't know anything about lighting or makeup or anything like that, but they're really sweet and they still let me be a part of the site. So that was when I first started getting paid to be naked was about 2013.”

Now Noir is the Spiegler Girl landing the box covers, doing delightfully dirty things on camera and entertaining an international fanbase as one of adult entertainment’s most versatile performers.

Diamond since has gone on to pursue a career in music—she also is a pro domme known as Madame Skin—and Noir remains one of her biggest supporters.

“My brain won’t let me have a full conversation with her,” Noir jokes. “I was such a huge fan of hers before I ever even thought about getting into porn.

“So the fact that she's aware of my existence and we've looked at each other face to face in person is just… I can't wrap my head around it. I have her number; I have talked to her and she told me, ‘If you ever want to talk or hang out,’ and like my brain won’t let me do it. I just consider her so like high up on this pedestal—like I can’t.”

Diamond, who debuted in 2009 and won two AVN Awards for Skin, tells AVN she is proud of how Noir has climbed up the ranks, achieving her own bona fide stardom.

“I remember when she first came on the scene and obviously she’s like really, really cute,” says Diamond, who cast Noir in her music video for “Karma” along with Vicki Chase in 2016.

“By the time she was already performing I was on my way to focusing on other things so I was like, ‘Well we can’t shoot a scene together right now, but I definitely want to work together.’ She’s such as sweetheart and such a badass as well.

“I think there needs to be more girls like her in the industry. And I feel so flattered that Skin was the first movie she bought. That movie was a huge deal for me. That was my first showcase… I’m really proud of her. She’s amazing. If anybody deserves it, it’s her.”



Noir, who started posting her nudes on Tumblr in 2012 when she turned 18, worked as a stripper at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in East St. Louis from late 2012 to 2014. She recalls wearing her hair in short, red dreadlocks and using the name Mary Jane at the club; she was known as Kira Fire online.

She looks back at her time as a dancer at Hustler Club with the fondest of memories.

“I loved it,” Noir says. “The stage was really cool. They have the Hustler store right next door. So if you ever wanted to get a new outfit or your shoes broke or something like that you could just walk across the way and everything you needed was right there. They have really great champagne rooms. I still miss a lot of those girls. I’m friends with some of them on Facebook. We’ve all gone our separate ways, but it was a really great club.

“I'm a little bit sad right now that feature dancing is pretty much out for me. Because I was hoping to start feature dancing sometime this year or next year and go back to that place.”

It was while Noir stripped at Hustler Club that she met her first agent, Jack Spade, who had come to the club in late 2014 with the then-reigning AVN Female Performer of the Year Bonnie Rotten, who was the headliner.

Noir remembers how nice Bonnie was to her and her fellow house dancers that weekend.

“There were a lot of girls that came through my club for feature dancing. Like I met Starr sisters for the first time when I was there long before I ever thought about getting into porn. So Bonnie Rotten and the Starr sisters—Natalia and Natasha. They're the ones that I remember the most,” Noir says. “And there's some girls that were kind of standoffish just because you know, they had to keep their mind on what they're about to do and what they're going to do on their stage.

“And there were other girls that were really friendly and engaging with us. And Bonnie Rotten was really, really sweet to us backstage. She was really amazing onstage. And once I saw her and talked to her husband and really gave it a thought it was like, ‘Yeah, I want to do this.’

“She has really great energy. She seems really happy. She has a great body. She’s able to do stripping—which I loved—and also fuck on camera, which I was really curious about. So I feel like that was the catalyst where I was just like, ‘Yes, this is what I want to do.’

“I don't even think she knows that she was that big of a part of my decision to get into porn.”

Three years later, Noir found herself on the receiving end of some of Bonnie’s squirt in a wild three-way for Brazzers with the late Bill Bailey.

“It was a threesome for Halloween,” Noir recalls. “It was really cool. I got to swallow a lot of her squirt. It was great, because I remember the first time I saw her one of the things that she did that I thought was insane was when she squirted on the stage, and then had people pay her to slide through her squirt on stage. It was cool to go from watching that at 20 years old and going, ‘Oh my god, this girl is amazing,’ to being up close and personal.”



Jack Spade at the time he met Noir was just starting his former talent agency, NeuModels—which later became Sylvaria—and was looking for hot prospects.

Spade tells AVN, “A lot of dancers will come up and say they want to do adult films, but very rarely are they as beautiful, sweet and business-minded as Kira. I knew right away she had huge potential.

“Also keep in mind that the Hustler Club St. Louis was one of the most intense clubs I had ever been to. The things the dancers were able to get away with there were mind blowing… Example: butt-plug tug-of-war. That was the other thing that gave me faith in Kira. There was nothing that was going to shock her on a porn set after working at that club.”

Spade continues, “Kira was always so kind, professional and loyal to me, but unfortunately she came to L.A. during a difficult time in my life when I was not able to focus on building her career the way she deserved.

“So I reached out to one of the best agents in the business, Mark Spiegler, and asked him to take good care of her.

“… That was a rough time in my life but knowing Kira was in good hands made me very happy. I am so proud of her success. She always knew what she wanted and she worked hard and stayed focused until she achieved it. I do not see any limitations on what she can achieve in this industry or anything else she sets her mind to in life. She is truly an amazing person.”

Noir stayed with NeuModels for about a year before she asked Spade for advice about how she could go further in her career—and if she could leave his agency, “just because I wasn't really sure what to do.”

“I definitely wanted to do porn, I just felt like I should’ve been growing at that point,” she recalls. “And so he gave me Spiegler’s number. It was really nice of him.”

“I definitely had heard Spiegler’s name before but I had never met him in person,” Kira adds. “I’d seen the ‘Tyra Banks Show’ with Sasha Grey and he was there with her and they tried to demonize the crap out of him. It was ridiculous.

“So I didn't really know much about the man himself. I just heard like Spiegler Girls are the best and Spiegler was the most strict agent, and just all of these rumors and lore surrounding the Spiegler Girls agency.

“So whenever Jack first gave me his number I didn't think anything was going to come of it. I agreed to call him at a specific time and then go meet him. And even whenever I met him in person I wasn't exactly sure if it was him until Abella Danger and Asa Akira walked in. Then I was like, ‘OK, if they're here just walking into your apartment and sitting down to come hang out, then you're definitely the real deal.”



Noir, who turned 26 in July, at press time had amassed more than 370 credits since making her boy/girl debut in early 2015 with Damon Dice, performing for every leading porn studio on multiple occasions along the way. Noir’s numbers ascend into the hundreds of thousands on social media—and she has surpassed 200 million video views on Pornhub.

With more than 326,000 followers on Twitter and another 351K-plus on Instagram, not to mention numerous subscribers on her OnlyFans, it’s obvious Noir has solidified her place in the upper echelon of the industry.

She has racked up numerous industry titles including July 2018 Vixen Angel, January 2019 Girlsway Girl of the Month and November 2019 Cherry of the Month for CherryPimps.

“She’s very bright and thoughtful,” Spiegler, who has represented six of the past seven AVN Female Performer of the Year winners, tells AVN. “She thinks beyond the surface about how doing this will affect that. So she’s not just thinking about the upcoming moment but further into the future.”

Spiegler continues, “She definitely progressed as a performer and even more so as an actress. She is one of the top actresses and she’s gotten several mainstream jobs. She’s super professional. She always answers the phone and always answers a text when you text her. She always answers email right away. She’s one person I never have to worry about.

“Everybody uses her—from little companies to big—from small gonzo shoots to big features. … She does her job and she goes home.”

Noir at the time of this interview in September was finishing a short performance contract with Vixen Media Group. She is featured in four scenes on alone—the most recent with the 2004 AVN Male Performer of the Year Michael Stefano.

She won her first AVN Award in 2019 for her performance in the Best Group Sex Scene for Vixen’s After Dark. The winning scene also included Tori Black, Jessa Rhodes, Mia Malkova, Abella Danger, Vicki Chase, Angela White, Ana Foxxx, Bambino, Mick Blue, Ricky Johnson, Ryan Driller and Alex Jones.



Noir recalls her first professional boy/girl encounter was with Damon Dice for Reality Kings’ Black GFs line. Titled “Sweet Cookie,” the scene went live on Feb. 17, 2015.

“I feel like it set the tone for the rest of my porn just because I was so scared,” Noir says. “But I warned him whenever I met him that I hadn't had sex with a guy for a while. I was kind of fooling around with this girl that I worked with at the club back in St. Louis. And we were doing live sex shows together and everything like that, but I hadn't had a real penis inside of me for about like eight or nine months at that point.

“I was just like, ‘Hey, I'm kind of nervous. I haven’t had sex with a guy for a while. If I’m making any scared faces during this it's not you, I’m just nervous.’

“And he was like, ‘Oh, do you want me to eat you out right now and get you comfortable?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ And so he went down on me while they were setting up the lights and everything. And by the time they were ready to shoot, I was so ready and excited that I was completely comfortable with it. So I really give credit to him for making me feel good about porn because it wasn't scary at all.”

“… I worked with him a couple of times after that. Unfortunately, we haven't stayed in contact, but I still think he's a really great guy.”

The feeling is mutual.

Dice, a native of Long Beach who was raised in Maryland and has emerged as one of the industry’s most popular and reliable studs with more than 670 credits since 2014, tells AVN he also was still getting used to being on set when he met Noir.

“I remember being fairly new myself. I was only in the industry for a couple of months and I only had a handful of scenes under my belt,” Dice says. “I was excited to show up to set to see such a beautiful and fit girl!

"I could tell she was really nervous when she showed up. I was still in that new and ‘nervous’ phase myself. I tried to hide it and talk her up and help calm her nerves. I started talking to her and getting to know her and asked her what she did before porn and what turned her on.

“She told me that she was a pole dancer and she liked to be eaten out. I remember her saying she was into girls, too, and I joked to her saying that we had a lot in common!”

Dice continues, “I am very proud of the star that Kira has become. The second I met her, I knew she had ‘it.’ Our scene was absolutely amazing. I remember it very clearly. I was impressed by her flexibility and athleticism. I was putting her into a bunch of crazy positions and she was rolling with it with ease. Her first scene is still one of my favorite scenes I’ve performed in up to date! The sky is the limit for her!”



Now a self-described “professional public spectacle,” Noir has emerged as one of the top anal performers in adult, showing she can take two guys in her rear-end in style. Her mastery of butt sex becomes more impressive after considering how she felt about anal back in the day.

“I was really scared to do it at first,” she confesses. “Before I got into professional porn, I had only ever worn those really tiny jewel butt plugs and it took me forever to get them in and to get them out. So I'm really happy that I was able to explore anal in the safe confines of porn.

“Just because everybody's really cool with you taking your time and making sure you're comfortable with it.

“I got to learn from professionals about how to do it completely and sexy. So that's been really cool. I never thought I’d be able to put two dicks in my butt at the same time, but I was able to do that for the first time a couple of years ago.

“That was for Legal Porno in Prague.”

Noir says her friend, Anna DeVille, helped her with double-anal prep that day in 2017 when she stuffed Erik Everhard and Mike Angelo into her ass for the first time.

"Anna lives out there and she has one of the best buttholes that I've ever seen in my life,” Kira continues. “She has a porn ass. Like I’ve seen her go from zero to her fist up there with just nothing. It's incredible.

“So for my first double anal scene—she did a girl/girl with me right before—we put a bunch of big toys in me and like really got my butthole relaxed and so going from somebody like that who's really, really great with opening up an ass to helping me open mine and then putting a bunch of dicks in there it went really great. … It was perfect.”

Noir has since done two more double-anal scenes—one with Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar for Hard X in 2018 and another one with Xander Corvus and Michael Vegas for Brazzers in 2019.

“It reminds me of when I first started doing anal because I think that for me and for a lot of people, it's a lot about how your mentality is going into it,” Noir continues. “If you're going to be scared, then your body is going to tense up and it's going to be harder to get things in there. And if you're relaxed, then your butthole is relaxed.

“So with double anal, I'm always a little bit scared right before of like, ‘Oh my god, am I going to be able to do it? Is it is it going to happen? Am I going to be able to get it in there? Is it going to hurt?’ And so I’m always a little bit scared right before and then once I relax and everything slides in there, it's just a really incredible feeling of, ‘Oh my god, my body is capable of doing this.’”



Noir sees a gradual shift happening in porn where performers are becoming more open to broadening their horizons with scene partners.

“Something that I think is a positive change in the industry is that people are starting to be more comfortable with bisexual male/male/female threesomes, and they’re starting to feel more comfortable with trans performers,” Noir says. “So I definitely want to do more content like that.

“I am attracted to hot people, I don't care what's in their pants. And I feel like whenever I first started, there was this stigma where people kept spreading the rumor that if you work with certain people that you wouldn't get work. And I think that used to be true, but now there's a new crop of performers and directors and producers who really don't care.

“And the more we talk to each other and realize that none of us are going to stop working with each other and we should get over this really weird stigma that's really an awful stigma, then we’re going to be able to shoot more things like this.”

Noir adds, “So I would love to do more bisexual threesomes. I would love to work with more trans performers—both female and male trans performers. And I just want to keep fucking people on camera. They're aren’t really any specific companies that I want to shoot for. It’s really more about the performers and what I'll be able to do than the studio itself.”

Noir earlier this year performed with Daisy Taylor for TransAngels, marking her first scene with a trans performer in a tryst called “Bring your Pajam’Ass.”

“So she was actually my last scene before everything went on lockdown,” Noir says. “It was her first topping scene. I'm really, really excited about the whole thing. She's so beautiful and so funny. I mostly just remember being super excited and getting my brains fucked out."



Noir was born in California, but moved when she was a baby.

“I don't remember California at all as a kid. My dad was in the Navy. So we moved around a little bit,” she says. “And then my parents split up and my mom fell in love with a guy who was from Nashville. So we all moved down there.”

Noir, whose grandma is Chinese but considers herself Jamaican because she was raised in Jamaica, says growing up in Nashville was “interesting.”

“I don't really want to go back there,” Noir says. “I don't think that there’s… I don't want to trash talk Nashville. It just wasn't a place for me. And I'm happier where I am now. They have great food. Great music. Really interesting history. But I feel like the West Coast is more home for me.”

She gravitated to St. Louis, Missouri, because she fell in love with a guy.

“I'm not super proud of it,” Noir admits. “I got married right after I turned 18. He was way too old for me. He met me when I was 15 and he was 25. So that was just like a whole weird situation. And then whenever we got married, I was able to live with him and see up close the fact that it wasn't that I was really mature. It was that adult women knew he was a bum.

“So he was trying to target younger girls who would look up to him and kind of idolize him in a way.

“And that lasted about two years before we split. And whenever I got into porn, I was still living with him. We had this three-bedroom townhouse together and whenever I told him that I wanted to split up, he asked me to stay living there for a little bit because he couldn't afford the place on his own. And I was very open with him. I told him, ‘I'm gonna go do porn, and you and I are not together anymore. So just letting you know, this is what I'm doing with my life.’

“And the first time I flew out to LA, we got into this huge fight and he called me a whore. So I told him that if he had that much of a problem with me being a whore then he shouldn't be accepting my whore money as help. So whenever I came back, I moved out.”

Noir says she loved L.A. from the first time she arrived in August 2015, not long after turning 21.



Kira likes the goth aesthetic even though it can be a lot of work.

“The costumes and the outfits are expensive and the makeup is really elaborate,” Noir says. “So I have to be like really casual goth and just wear all black most of the time, but I do consider myself that.”

A self-described “emo kid” as a teen, Noir still loves industrial and techno goth music.

“I really like just all black everything,” she says. “If I could just wear mostly black and sometimes white for the rest of my life and never have to wear color again, I would be totally fine with that.”

She also has taxidermy on her walls.

“I really like dead stuff,” Noir says. “I really like the beauty of death and how people across the world deal with that. It's something that we're all going to experience one day and we have absolutely no idea what's going to happen, which I think is really cool in a weird way.

“And I mostly just like the style and the people. Like all of my favorite people throughout the years that I've met—like just at shows or at bars—are usually alternative like with a bunch of tattoos and piercings and crazy outfits.”

When she isn’t making content or on set, she likes hiking, taking care of her growing collection of plants and raising her puppy—a Maltese Shih Tzu mix named Bubba that she got from a friend of a friend.

Noir says her affinity for greenery became a quarantine hobby when she wanted to decorate her extra bedroom for content shoots.

“So I was trying to make my extra bedroom a really great shoot room. And I didn't want to put a bunch of art on the walls because I was afraid of getting copyright strikes or just offending an artist if I put their stuff on my wall and then I was putting a bunch of stuff in my ass right in front of it,” Noir says with a smile.

“So I decided to go ahead and go with a couple of plants just to add some color in the background of all the white.

“And I got a Basil plant and this Parlor Palm. Just some really basic stuff and whenever I first started noticing them growing I was just really excited and I thought it was really fun. So I kind of went insane. I got a lot of plants. I have a tree in the corner there.”

Noir also has Succulents, Air Plants on her wall and Monsteras.

“I have to get rid of them soon because I can't let my puppy get to them,” Noir says. “I have some carnivorous plants, which they kind of died and then came back to life which is something I think is really fun about plants in general. Like it's really sad when they die and really cool when you can have them come back.

“So I have this really cool nursery that's close by to my place. And so whenever I have the time I like to just go in and look for stuff.”



Noir enjoys interacting with her subscribers on OnlyFans, noting that she exchanges lots of private messages with them.

“One of my favorite kinds of conversations is when somebody is admitting a deep dark fantasy that they're scared to tell anybody else,” Noir says.

When they open up, so does she.

“And I get to tell them, ‘No, so many people have that fantasy. It is not weird at all. You're not weird. You should talk to your partner about it if you want to do it.' It's really fun."

“I've actually never had a normal job," Noir adds. "I've been a stripper. I've been a cam girl. I've been an escort. I've been doing amateur porn. I've been doing professional porn. I just really love the sex industry.

“... Whenever I was growing up, I never really considered myself pretty. I always wanted to change major aspects of myself and the fact that looking the way I do I can do this for this long and be this comfortable with it, it's just really, really cool.

“I feel really grateful for the fact that I can do this and that people have allowed me to by watching my videos, buying my videos and coming to see me at conventions. So yeah, I'm really thankful for everything.”


Photography by Keith Ryan