Kimmie KaBoom On Quarantine, Making Content & Official Site

LOS ANGELES—Kimmie KaBoom, the BBW superstar, delivers the goods and then some. In just six years in the adult business the Florida native has compiled an awesome body of work.

She lays out the stats. “I estimate all of my content I have shot—including solo, boy-girl, girl-girl, boy-boy-girl, girl-girl boy, fetish, custom videos, international scenes, professional companies—at roughly 500 scenes.”

That fact goes a long way to explain why she won the 2020 MILF of the Year BBW Award, and why she was an AVN Awards nominee for Niche Performer of the Year and a three-time contender for AVN’s Favorite BBW Star Fan Award.

Kimmie gives some personal info: “I am 49—yikes!—and my boobs are 42H. My weight fluctuates, especially with my diagnosis with diabetes, which has forced me to eat better, which is a great thing.”

And that super-big top? “I developed around high school, but I really got bigger ‘kabooms’ during college and when I started a family.”


Kimmie started making content in 2014. “I really didn't think I would be in the business, actually. I just flew down [to Miami] to film a few scenes because it seemed like fun. However, once I was there and gave it a shot I loved it. And when people started telling me they loved my work, it just keep me going.” 

The star was born and bred in Pensacola, in the far-west Florida Panhandle, where she still lives with husband Darrell. “We split our time between our house there and in [neighboring] Alabama.”

Before porn, “I worked at a major automotive dealership as a service manager, I've always been a bit of a car chick.”

She credits her husband with getting her into the biz. “The story is pretty funny. He actually sent in some of the pictures he took of me privately, for his collection, to one of his favorite companies to see if they had like an amateur section or something, and when they replied about shooting porn he had to figure out a way of telling me he sent those pictures, because I had no idea. I wasn't mad at all—I was actually very flattered that they were interested.”

It was right after her first professional shoot that “we jumped all in” and set up a website. “I had a Bachelor’s in Business so I had working knowledge of the business side. I just had to learn the porn side,” she laughs.


While she has been featured in product from such Florida-based companies as Score and Sensational Video, (as well as scenes for ManyVids, Clips4Sale, etc.), most of her work appears on her own website, It won the BBW 2020 Award for Best Model-Managed Website.

On the site’s front page she lists a menu of the various sex acts she performs, for the viewer to choose from. Which does she feel most comfortable with? “Honestly, I love it all! I love trying new things and meeting new performers.” 

Her most frequent screen partner has been her husband Darrell. “He has always been my favorite penis. As far as other favorites I love them all," KaBoom says. "However I did rather enjoy Tommy Pistol. Mostly because he is such an amazing person—also very talented.”

One of her most high-profile hookups was with BBW maven Rodney Moore. She was featured in four volumes of his long-running series Scale-Bustin’ Babes. “We reached out to Rodney in 2015 before BBWCon in Las Vegas; Darrell and I were big fans of his work and he has such an amazing range, it was really a pleasure to meet and work with him.” 


She has a long list of nominations and awards. “Every award or nomination is a top honor. Any time your fans or peers support you it is very rewarding. Having AVN Fan nominations for BBW of the Year has been great the last few years. And the added Niche nomination last year was amazing! I'm extremely grateful and thankful.”

Creating product in the age of COVID-19 has been problematic for many performers. But the pandemic, she says, “hasn’t hurt me too bad. We filmed a lot in Vegas before and after AVN in January. We usually stay there about two weeks. That has been able to sustain me thus far.” The backlog has enabled her not to have to shoot during quarantine. And, she adds, “I would imagine that solo and work with my husband would be possible in the future.”

So the KaBoom product flow isn’t about to stop, nor is the desire of her followers to see it. “I just want to thank my fans and I want my porn family to stay safe.” She laughs. “Wash your hands, you filthy heathens!”




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