Kimberly Kane Injects Vivid-Alt With <i>Morphine</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Kimberly Kane's second directorial effort for Vivid Alt, Morphine, comes to stores next Wednesday, April 30.

A sort of Requiem for a Dream meets Black Snake Moan, Morphine stars Audrey Hollander as a lost druggie who harbors ambitions of becoming a Nashville singer, but can't untangle herself from the sordid life in which she's embroiled.

"My inspiration for making this movie was actually working at a place called The Sugar Shack, which was a strip club-slash-brothel, and taking all those hideous and beautiful experiences and mashing it up into a really dark-undertone porn movie," Kane told AVN. "Audrey in a way plays me, and on the extra features, there's a thing called The Sugar Shack Featurette, where I tell you all these things that happened in The Sugar Shack that kind of helped me create this movie."

Before making Morphine, Kane actually flew herself to Nashville, she said, where she spent a week "taking photos, getting high, getting drunk, really taking in the character and where the character wanted to be. And then I came back and turned in my 'findings' and the art department began creating what my mind saw in Nashville. So it has a realness to it, and it has a lot of layers. It's not a one-day wonder, it's months of preparation."

Vivid Alt head Eon McKai couldn't be more pleased with the movie. "KK has really found her voice and matured as an adult filmmaker, and Morphine is the result," he said. "I have learned more about putting together a sex scene from KK than anyone else in the business. She has this crazy dirty mind that has earned her this crazy loyal following that's clamoring for this release."

Kane's Naked and Famous and Triple Ecstasy both earned Editor's Choice reviews from AVN. But as far as Kane's concerned, Morphine is her magnum opus.

"I feel it's like Triple Ecstasy's older sister," she said. "I love it, I'm really proud of it ... it's awesome. It's shot really well, and it has a little bit of art to it that will be appealing."

Something else it has is one of the most daring bits of hardcore footage you're likely to ever witness: Hollander and Faith Leon each taking a turn plowing each other's vaginas with the barrel of a handgun.

"I'm just really happy it made it in," Kane said. "I'd like to thank legal for that. Because they actually deemed Morphine a non-violent movie, and I think Triple Ecstasy was a violent movie, and we had to cut some stuff out. I think that's interesting, that I can gun-fuck in this movie, but I can't drown whores in the other one."

Morphine's cast also includes Ashley Blue, Jada Fire, Smoking Mary Jane, Maya Hills, April Flores, Jerry, Julius Ceazher, Otto Bauer, Alex Gonz, Daniel, Zak Atak and Kane, who performs two scenes — a g/g with Flores and a fourway with Bauer, Daniel and Atak ... during part of which she has a noose around her neck.

For more information on Morphine, check out its MySpace page at To order, contact David Peskin at (866) 466-6969 ext. 108 or [email protected].