Kim Kardashian Plans to Sue Vivid Over Sex Tape

According to an E! channel news report, Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian will be filing a lawsuit to stop Vivid Video from releasing an explicit video of her having sex with rapper/actor Ray J. 

Vivid announced this week that it had acquired distribution rights to the Karsdashian / Ray J video from an undisclosed third party for $1 million. The company plans to release the sex tape on DVD Feb. 28 under the title Kim Kardashian Superstar. A 30-second teaser for Kim Kardashian Superstar is already available on and through Vivid's website

"Everyone is pretty disappointed and very confused as to what's going on and who's behind this," Kardashian told E! News. "We're just going to get to the bottom of this and do whatever we have to do to stop it." 

Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch spoke to AVN this morning regarding the possibility of a Kardashian lawsuit. While Hirsch would not comment on legal issues related to the video, he remains confident that Kim Kardashian Superstar will emerge as one of the most successful celebrity sex-tapes in history.  

"We believe that we have all the proper documentation to move forward with the release of the DVD, and we intend to do so," Hirsch said. "I would like very much for Kim to come in, sit down and talk to us to see if we can resolve this situation amicably. If she chooses not to, we will go ahead with the release; either way, the video will be coming out. 

"There is a tremendous amount of buzz surrounding the movie," Hirsch added. "There's going to be some obstacles between now and the release date, but we hope to have them worked out – the DVD ships to distributors on Feb. 21." 

Hirsch appeared on a broadcast of the Adam Carolla radio show this morning to address the subject of the Kardashian video. "I felt like I had been totally ambushed," Hirsch told AVN. "They called and said how excited they were about the video, that they'd seen the trailer and wanted to talk about Vivid and the contents of the tape -- and once I got on the phone with them, they just wanted to talk about the legal issues surrounding this and other celebrity sex tapes. That wasn't what I'd agreed to discuss. They wouldn't take no for an answer, and they got very personal with me. They were very dishonest about it." 

Initial reports of the tape's existence met with denials from Kardashian, the daughter of O.J. defense attorney Robert Kardashian and step-daughter to Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner. The controversial video was shot in 2004 while Kardashian and Ray J were dating. Kardashian has since been romantically linked to Nick Lachey, rapper The Game and music producer Damon Thomas.