Kim Chambers Releases <i>KimFlex</i>

Adult performer and professional fitness model Kim Chambers has promoted health, fitness, and good sex through her websites and and with sex columns in such periodicals as American Curves, Muscle Mayhem, and Marie Claire. Chambers is now setting out to reach new audiences with the DVD release of KimFlex: Behind the Scenes and Kim Chambers' Flesh Fantasy.

"I take my knowledge from the adult film industry and the fitness industry and I combine them to show a correlation between fitness and better sex," said Chambers, who hosts the weekly Ask a Porn Star segment on KBPI's The Uncle Nasty Show broadcast in Denver, Colorado. "You don't have to have sex like porn stars to please your partner. Porn stars don't have sex like porn stars. You have to get to know yourself first. It starts in your mind. We have this big illusion of what we should be, when we should just be ourselves."

KimFlex: Behind the Scenes features Chambers along with Devon Michaels, Aria, Kawni, and Rebecca Wheeler performing nude, erotic workouts and dance during a photo-shoot.

"The video is visually stimulating," explained the California native. "I really wanted to show what the girls look like when they're working out. What the girls look like when they're dancing—how their muscles are contracting. This is what they're really like in person."

But Chambers was also eager to have her models reveal more to viewers than just their nude, toned physiques. "I wanted to find out what made the girls tick," said Chambers. "What made them want to be fit? What does it take to go out on a date with these girls?  I wanted to get into these girls heads and say 'hey, what do you like?' and what does it take to get a body like that? They're working out 5 to 6 days a week. They're eating broccoli. They're doing it for a reason. You get to know them through the interviews."

Kim Chambers' Flesh Fantasy is an adult feature starring this year's AVN Female Performer of the Year Naomi and European performer Reno. "I made up the term crevice fucking," said Chambers. "It's something that really stimulates me and turns me on. It's where you're not quite going in the pussy yet, but your thigh fucking or taking the cock and putting it right above the ass and the pussy, so it's touching it, but not going in till the very end. Then you fuck the shit out of each other.

"It's more of a teasing type of thing," Chambers continued. "If you can create an element of surprise and tease by the time you're going into the pussy, you're both in ecstasy. Even if your going underneath the armpit or knee cap or feet. I like having the girl wrap her feet around the guy's cock and fuck it. I like to have the guy worship the girl's feet—feet are awesome! I also like the passion and the kissing.  I like all of that, and I put it in my movies."

Chambers, who picked her name as an homage to Marilyn Chambers (she met the adult film legend when she was 16), has been in the adult industry since she was 18. "I grew up in this industry," reflected Chambers proudly. "The industry taught me how to be a woman, how to love my body, how to be sexual, and how to please my partner. So, how cool is it that I get an opportunity to teach other people how to do the same thing?"

Chambers is currently seeking a distributor to handle her titles. Chambers can be reached at [email protected].