Kickstarter Project to Cast Randy Spears as 'Old Stud'-UPDATED

HOLLYWOOD—Remember Randy Spears? You won't have to think too hard and long (no pun intended), since he starred in Wicked Pictures' Men in Black: A Hardcore Parody, which took home several trophies at this year's AVN Awards. But for the past few years, Randy's been making noises about retiring from porn, and though he hasn't yet succeeded in doing so (to our knowledge), he's certainly a good casting choice to star in Old Stud, a mainstream comedy soon to be lensed (they hope) from freshman filmmakers Rick Caplan and Jim Martin.

"In 2010, I wrote a spec pilot script for a TV show about a middle-aged porn star who realizes that he is past him prime and his star is fading," Caplan wrote to "friends and family" in an email. "Jim read it, and when we talked about the early drafts, we came up with the idea of developing the concept together. After several drafts, we began to consider making the pilot ourselves. ... We set up a meeting with Randy Spears, and after talking to him about the project, everyone was in agreement that Old Stud was the perfect project for him."

Caplan and Martin set about making a pilot for the proposed TV show, which cost them about $10,000 and lots of favors from friends and co-workers, and which anyone can see for a $20 donation to the Kickstarter project—but they realized they were on to something big, and decided to attempt a feature-length movie on the same topic, starring Spears in the title role as "Wangston Huge."

"Old Stud is a dark comedy (not surprising to anyone that knows me), but it's also emotionally grounded and filled with dramatic moments," Caplan wrote. "Jim and I have spent a long time cultivating multi-dimensional characters that happen to function within the world of adult entertainment, and you won't believe how great it is when Randy Spears brings the character to life."

When we were discussing who should play Al Brinkman, the main character, we both said, 'Someone like Randy Spears,' and then we said, 'Let's try to get him!" Caplan added. "We cast Randy Spears as the lead because he's a great actor and has an inimitable deadpan delivery, but he also brings vast directing and production experience, which means he not only understands what we need to do to create all the pieces of the movie, but he often contributes great ideas that make it into the final cut."

The few moments from the pilot that can be seen in the promotional video on the Old Stud Kickstarter page show Spears lying on a psychiatrist's couch, pulling on a soft rubber pud and telling the doctor how insecure he feels after having spent many years as an adult video star. It's tantalizing while not being terribly revealing—which itself suggests that the two guys telling us about their project may have some filmmaking chops.

"As children of the '90s, we were inspired to make movies by filmmakers like Kevin Smith, Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino," Caplan told AVN. "The D.I.Y. philosophy they all shared (and still do) afforded them creative control, and that's why we're making the Old Stud movie the way we are: raising the money on Kickstarter and handling virtually all aspects of production and post-production ourselves. The pilot served as both a proof of concept, illustrating that the characters and world of Old Stud are worth exploring, and also as a test run for calibration. The experience taught me as much, if not more, than I learned in film school. In the end, being able to sit down with Jim and see a fully-realized version of our concept on screen validated all the time, energy, and resources that went into the production. Now, we want to do it bigger and better. The story and characters have grown and evolved since then, and what we're really asking for is the opportunity to tell the story of Old Stud in the best way possible—as a movie, and to give Randy Spears the venue to do what he does so well: entertain."

So ... Caplan and Martin are looking for $25,000 to fund this project, which appears to be a labor of love for most involved, but hey, they still need cash to survive, pay for cameras, lights, studio time, etc. Of course, as anyone who knows anything about adult movie production can tell you, an awful lot can be done on a $25K budget—and if the Kickstart exceeds its goal, the finished product will be that much better.

To entice people to donate, the producers are offering a few rewards. Besides being able to stream the aforementioned complete pilot, backers can stream (or own on DVD) (or both) the finished movie, get a "thank you" in the credits, get hi-res behind-the-scenes photos, a recording of Spears that can be used as a voicemail greeting, and/or even a custom video of Spears, as "Wangston Huge," reading a poem to you.

Since we don't know these filmmakers, about the best we can say is that the project looks interesting, and with a talented actor like Spears involved, there's a good chance Old Stud might be darkly funny and/or poignant—so feel free to check out the project for yourself here.