Kickstarter Kicks 'Misty Beethoven' Blu-Ray Project-UPDATED!

CYBERSPACE—For those who don't know, Kickstarter is the crowd-funding site that anybody who wants to create any sort of project can use to gather funds for the project's completion, with the money essentially escrowed (with until the project's funding goal is reached, at which point the participants' bank accounts or credit cards are charged for the pledged amount. But if the goal isn't reached, each funder's card or account is untouched.

Great idea, right? Well, there are a few snags... like Kickstarter's "prohibited content," which includes a strange assortment of categories including "heating and cooling products," "cosmetics," "firearms, weapons and knives," "projects endorsing or opposing a political candidate," "electronic surveillance equipment" ... and porn.

AVN has previously reported on the attempt by actor/director Brandon Longwood's attempt to Kickstart his documentary project Staying Power: The Business and Value of the Adult Entertainment Industry, which Kickstarter's owners have declared not to be "the right fit" for Kickstarter since it seems, from the trailer on its new funding site, Indiegogo, that the movie will contain a bit of hardcore.

On the other hand, Kickstarter had no problem helping to fund the publication of erotic/fetish photographer Barbara Nitke's book about the "golden age" of porn, American Ecstasy.

So perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise that Kickstarter has pulled the plug on classic porn producer Distribpix's project to fund a Blu-ray version of Radley Metzger's classic adult movie, The Opening of Misty Beethoven, as reported last week.

"Despite the film's historical importance, its artistic merit, and all of our hard work on the film, extras and campaign, Kickstarter has decided that Misty is too sexy for the site and is in the process of terminating the campaign," wrote Distribpix honcho Steve Morowitz in an email to Kickstarter project supporters earlier today. "Your credit cards will not be charged."

"Obviously, we're unhappy about this turn of events," he continued. "We can name 4 or 5 projects with similar content which have been allowed to progress to completion. We are filing an appeal of their ruling (and any polite, professional e-mails you can sent to KS in our support emphasizing the artistic nature of this film and the integrity of the project would be GREATLY appreciated), but odds are that the project will NOT be re-listed."

Morowitz and his associates and crew are asking anyone who's backed the project on Kickstarter to email them to let them know who's supported the project and in what amount (since Kickstarter may not make that information available to them), as they work to figure out how to re-launch the project.

"Since Kickstarter won't be taking their percentage off the top, we're going to try to work out how to turn that extra margin into even better rewards for you," Morowitz promised. "We will keep you posted when we have details. We're going to come out of this stronger and better and we hope that you'll be right there with us. This Misty release is going to be one for the history books!"

Check back with for further details on how to become involved in this groundbreaking adult movie project.

UPDATE: And now the details are available! Anyone who wants to help fund the Misty Beethoven Blu-ray Project can now visit the project's home page here.

"Welcome to Project Misty!" the page reads. "We were too hot for Kickstarter, but things are much more welcoming over here.  We’re sticking to our plan and our original end-date.  Click a pledge button to select your pledge level– if we reach our $10,000 goal, we’ll e-mail each of you an invoice for the amount you have pledged."

Pictured: The box cover and some of the "schwag" project funders may still receive if the Misty Beethoven Blu-ray project succeeds.