Kick Ass Releases 1st Blu-ray

GLENDALE, Calif. - Kick Ass Pictures has chosen Cum-Eating Cuckolds as its first Blu-ray disc release. The hi-def edition of the hot-selling specialty title arrives Sept. 16.

"We get more fan mail about this series than any other," Kick Ass president Mark Kulkis told AVN. "Because Cum Eating Cuckolds is such a hot series, we decided to do the first volume on Blu-ray to test the waters; if it sells, we'll release more of them."

Cum Eating Cuckolds depicts a very specific, popular fantasy in the cuckolding community, in which the humiliated husband is forced to eat a black man's freshly spilled semen from his wife's violated vulva. Kulkis has packaged the movie with a warning to male consumers: "Don't let your wife see how much this movie turns you on, or you may be living this nightmare!"

"Simply put, Americans are cuckoo for cuckolds," said Kulkis. "The Blu-ray format ought to really drive them insane. They’ll be able to see every glistening drop of black cum in super detail, as it makes its journey out of the wife’s pussy and into the husband’s reluctant mouth.”

Cum-Eating Cuckolds stars Lie Lani, Cristina Agave (who was three months pregnant at the time of shooting), and "racist slut" Alexa Lynn, who fired off a fusillade of N-bombs during her foul-mouthed scene. Justin Long, Jon Jon and Sledge Hammer play the well-endowed black "bulls".

Kulkis acknowledged that other movies including Grip & Cram Johnson's Cuckold blazed a trail for porno cuckoldry before his series. But he emphasized that Kick Ass is the only studio to confront key aspects of the real-life fetish lifestyle: cum-eating and, in an upcoming spinoff, forced bisexuality.

"We're shooting a new series in response to the letters we've been getting from fans who are into this in real life," Kulkis told AVN. "In this one, we'll have the guys forced to suck the bull's cocks, maybe getting slapped in the face with the other guy's cock a little bit. That seems to be what a lot of these viewers want to see - they call it 'forced bi,' so we're probably going to incorporate that into the title of the series."

Kulkis went on to implore real-life cuckold wives to behave responsibly.

"If you're going to cuckold your husband with an African-American, please do it responsibly," he said. "Save our environment by forgoing condoms that are non-biodegradable. Make sure to say ‘No' to drugs like birth control. And pour all that black sperm into your husband's mouth instead of flushing it down to pollute our oceans. Thank you."

To order, call toll-free (800) 765-1220.