Kick Ass Pictures Ships <i>100% Organic She-Males</i>

Kick Ass Pictures is now shipping 100% Organic She-Males, a new DVD series billed as "the first she-male movie in history to be completely silicone and condom free."

"She-male fans are sick of seeing these Frankenstein monsters with hard, fake tits," said Kick Ass president Mark Kulkis. "And just like any other porn fans, she-male aficionados hate seeing condoms. It takes away from the stroke value. Of course you have to use condoms when you're with a she-male in real life. I mean, I assume you would; I wouldn't really know."

Director Manuel Suave shot the movie on location in Brazil. "These girls are beautiful," Suave said. "They have pretty faces, bubble butts, perky natural tits and hard cocks that you'll wish you could suck. Um, that is, if you're into that sort of thing."

Kulkis plans to make the title an ongoing series.

For sales, call 800-765-1220. Visit Kick Ass Pictures on the web at