Kick Ass Pictures First Black Line, <i>Jelly</i>, Out This Week

This week Kick Ass Pictures released Jelly, its first ever all-black line. It was directed by D. Sparky and produced by New Orleans-based Inner City Squad, the award-winning producers of Liquid City (AVN’s 2003 Best Ethnic-Themed Video) as well as Hustler’s Ghetto Booty and Black & Wild.

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Kulkis establishing street cred.

“I first met the Inner City crew when I was at Hustler,” remarked Kick Ass president Mark Kulkis. “I was impressed with their authentic street style. They know their market. They find the most beautiful black girls, shoot hot gonzo sex, and tie it all together with a great hip-hop soundtrack. It’s a winning combo!”

“Our formula is simple,” explained D. Sparky, Inner City’s president. “If we are not sexually stimulated, aroused, or flat-out entertained by it, then we won’t fuck with it. I created Jelly because it focuses on the females’ jelly-typed asses. In the hood where I’m from, we didn’t see girls with tight asses walking around.

“We saw the females wearing cat-cutting jeans and Daisy Duke shorts, chillin’ on the block with their asses jiggling like jelly, and that’s what turned us on. So it made perfect sense to dedicate an entire line to that. You can’t lose with what you know works for the streets!”

Jelly will be a bimonthly series. The first volume stars new girls like Diamond Pipes, Mya and Playgirl, along with erotic veterans like Skyy.

Jelly marks the first simultaneous VHS/DVD release for Kick Ass Pictures. In 2004, all of its new releases will be simultaneous.

Distributors can order Kick Ass products by calling toll-free: 800-765-1220.