Kick Ass Pictures Dances the Crackarena

GLENDALE, Calif. - Kick Ass Pictures has released the DVD version of Crack Whore Confessions from Internet content producer Dirty D.

According to a Kick Ass press release, the movie was shot by one of Dirty D's associates, a person who goes only by the name Cracker Jack. Cracker Jack travels the South and conducts interviews with bona-fide crack whores as a prelude to having sex with them. The results aren't pretty, but as a spokesperson for Kick Ass Pictures noted, "It is truly like nothing ever seen on DVD before."

Kick Ass Pictures president Mark Kulkis said, "Watching this disturbing movie fucked up my entire evening. I felt dirty and guilty. You know, like how porn used to make you feel in the good ol' days."

In one scene, crack whore Alexis tells a story about how her father was in prison for killing a hooker and putting the body in the freezer. The same freezer the family ate from. But Alexis believes her mother was the real killer. That's what crack will do to you.

Dirty D said of his director/documentarian, "Cracker Jack certainly does dig up some lively ones. All these girls are actual, drug-addled street walkers. I salute him for having the balls to search the meanest streets and darkest alleys to find these depraved hookers. These whores confess to the sickest sex acts and insane drug abuse, they are dumping all of the dirty skeletons out of their closets!"

Dirty D, through his network of websites and its affiliate program,, has garnered an international following.

Kick Ass Pictures is headquartered in Glendale, California. The company's website is and their toll-free order line is (800) 765-1220.