Kick Ass Offers Spitzer Call Girl $1 Million

GLENDALE, Calif. - Kick Ass Pictures is at at again. The company, long known for its splashy PR gimmicks has announced that it will make a $1,000,000 offer to Ashley Alexandra Dupré, the escort and aspiring singer at the center of the recent scandal that led to the resignation of New York governor Eliot Spitzer. Dupré, who also used the alias "Kristen," is 22 and was allegedly hired Spitzer for the purpose of prostitution.

The new Kick Ass project is tentatively titled Spitzer Swallows: An Oral History of Guv Love. The movie would call for Dupré to re-enact her encounters with Governor Spitzer in hardcore detail.

Kick Ass Pictures' president Mark Kulkis said, "Miss Dupre is smokin' hot.

"Hot enough for at least one man to pay $4,300 to sleep with her. We think millions of other men will gladly pay $29.95 to vicariously enjoy that experience."

Kulkis also hopes the proposed movie would also feature songs by Dupré, who is an aspiring musician. "Porn soundtracks have traditionally set a very low standard," Kulkis noted. "We¹re confident that Ms. Dupré¹s songs will sweep the music categories at awards time."

Kick Ass Pictures is no stranger to politics. In 2003 the company ran its contract star Mary Carey for governor of California. In 2005 Kulkis and Carey had dinner with President Bush.