Kick Ass Marketing From Kick-Ass Productions

The crowd at AEE is easily distracted with the flurry of porn babes, multi-media booths and glad-handing, but Mark Kulkis, CEO of Kick-Ass Productions is keeping attention focused on his booth.

Long considered to be one of the top idea men when it comes to wacky promotions, this year is no exception as Kulkis unveils a new DVD line focused on squirting, a novelty product and a new website complete with its own Kick-Ass contract girls.

Kick-Ass’s new squirt line, Stop Or I’ll Squirt, is noticeable for the tag line on the box cover. In big, bold letters is the warning, “It’s not piss!”

Good to know in this age of rampant hucksterism and false advertising.

Kulkis has a more pragmatic reason for the tag. As he explained, “Distributors are notoriously leery of hearing about anything that could be remotely construed as being a piss tape. So we decided to put in a big, bold font that the action in the is DVD was definitely not pissing. Let’s just put is all down to humorous marketing.”

Kulkis, who’s also known as the porn impresario who unleashed Mary Carey upon the world, commented on his role as Svengali. “I hope people can find it in their hearts to forgive me for that,” he said jokingly.

Kulkis has also been making inroads into the novelty market with Kick-Ass’s pussy pump, a sort of distaff version of the old-school penis pump.

Kulkis proudly talked about what he’s loosed upon the world. “I lay claim to actually inventing the pussy pump,” he said. “Someone from Europe actually sent me a DVD that had a pussy pump being used and I was fascinated. It was like a train wreck. I mean, how often do you ever see anything new in porn? So I bought a couple pussy pumps online and they didn’t work very well. So I found a guy in Long Beach who manufactured penis pumps and we did a redesign and started the series Honey, I Blew Up the Pussy. I started thinking that this could be a good toy. And since DVD sales have been dropping and novelties have been strong, I thought I’d try my hand it.”

Asked how sales for the toy were doing, Kulkis said, “Way better than I had expected. Stores put it next to the movies and it comes with an instructional video as well.”

Not content to diversify with just novelties, Kulkis has also launched Featuring a host of girls who are all contract to Kick-Ass Productions, Kulkis’s take on the popular cam-girl websites seems to be doing well for the company.

Talking about the new project, Kulkis said, “It’s live Internet only right now. And all the girls are exclusive to Kick-Ass. I learned—not to name any names—that if you just have one girl, she may become a prima donna and become hard to work with, so it’s better to deal with a handful of girls and divide the attention among all of them. But these girls haven’t shot for anybody else and that’s the way we’re going to keep it. And we’ll keep adding new girls.”

Pictured: Lil' Madison and Kulkis. Photo by Gia Jordan.