Kick Ass Joins Cuckold Craze

BURBANK, Calif. - Kick Ass Pictures has set a Sept. 12 release date for Cum Eating Cuckolds, the first in a new specialty DVD series.

"The tagline is 'Husbands cheated on and forced to eat black cum,'" laughed Kick Ass mastermind Mark Kulkis. "I think it's going to do well, because there seems to be a big subculture on the internet of guys who just love these cuckold stories -- and the favorites always revolve around the wife or girlfriend getting fucked by a big black guy, and the husband being forced to eat the come out of her pussy."

Cum Eating Cuckolds follows in the wake of Grip and Cram Johnson's Cuckold and Cuckold MILFS, both released this year through Chatsworth Pictures.

"I know a couple other companies have done the cuckold theme," Kulkis admitted. "Just recently, Cram and Grip have done theirs, and there was the Wildlife series Screw My Wife, Please – but this is the first video to go full-throttle on what these guys' fantasies really are, showing the wife doing a cream pie and then having the husband eat it."

Kulkis told AVN that he cast the humiliated white male performers via the internet. "We found these guys on Craigslist – and they loved it," he said. "This one cuckold guy was even licking the girl's asshole while she fucked the other guy in the cowgirl position. Porn guys are used to working in close proximity with d.p. scenes, but this was really close – I've never seen it before in a movie."

Cum Eating Cuckolds was directed by Glenn Baren, with a special assist from Kulkis himself on the first scene.

"I had the idea in my mind of exactly how I wanted it to be, and with a new series I want to establish that format immediately," Kulkis said. Naturally, that vision had t o involve feet.

"In the scene with Christina Agave, the guy had to jerk off on his own chest, and then she ground her foot into it and made him lick it off her foot," the creator of Barefoot Confidential and The World's Biggest Foot Job Gang Bang explained.

Kulkis went on to describe a sickie vignette with Alexa Lynn as a racist wife who does the nasty with The Black Man.

"This black guy is playing pool with Alexa's husband, and the two guys make a bet," Kulkis explained. "If the black guy wins, he gets to fuck her. The woman's a racist, so she says, 'Go ahead and take the bet...niggers can't play pool.' There's a lot of the 'n' word in the scene, but that somehow made it hot – it added a taboo element, that she didn't want to be fucked by the black guy, but started to like it after a while!"

Leave it to Mark Kulkis to hone in on the queasy appeal of just about any perversion. "I think this is going to be a home run for guys who are into this fetish," he grinned.

To order Cum Eating Cuckolds, call toll-free 1-800-765-1220 or visit