Kick Ass Introduces Free In-Store Promo Items

GLENDALE, Calif. — T-shirts and signs bearing the widely recognized Kick Ass Pictures logo are now available free from the company to retailers wishing to create a designated section for the brand and to promote it more actively.

Video Dimensions in the Chicago area was the first store to test the materials, receiving a Kick Ass sign custom sized for its display racks and black Kick Ass t-shirts for its employees.

Said Video Dimensions manager Donna Tietz, "It worked like a charm. We saw an immediate boost in sales. Kick Ass makes a lot of great product in different niches. Placing it all together in one place made it easy for the customer, who didn't have to go looking for Barefoot Confidential in the foot fetish section, or Cum Eating Cuckolds in the ... well, we don't even have a section for that yet, but customers buy it when they see it."

"I'm ecstatic that this worked so well for Donna," said Kick Ass president Mark Kulkis. "I built this company catering to niches. At this point in our history, we literally have something for everyone, so any customer who passes a Kick Ass section will find something to float his boat. I think customers also appreciate our guarantee of only all-natural girls in all our movies."

Retailers interested in receiving the new Kick Ass display items should contact sales VP Scott Broadhurst at (800) 765-1220 or [email protected].