Kick Ass Furthers Humiliation Trend With <i>Forced Fem</i>

GLENDALE, Calif. — Kick Ass Pictures expands its Fem-Dom fetish catalog with a new series dedicated to forced feminization: Forced Fem.

Upping the ante even further from previous releases Cum Eating Cuckolds, MeanBitches Erotic FemDom and Punished by Mommy, Forced Fem has male talent Les, Brian and Toni getting fully done up in women's clothing and makeup before being anally pounded by their female co-stars with strap-ons.

"Seeing Les forced to walk in four-inch heels isn't pretty, and neither is he after his makeover," said Kick Ass president Mark Kulkis.

Kulkis noted that the women go as far in the movie as to parade the sissified guys around in public. "That was the riskiest part of making this movie," Kulkis said. "In fact, during shooting one of the 'girls' almost got picked up by a cop. But then I guess he realized that being ugly isn't technically a crime."

There are a lot of instructional tips in Forced Fem on topics including make-up application, fingernail painting, wigs, g-strings, miniskirts, high heels and the shaving of body parts.

"I wouldn't let your wife or girlfriend see it," Kulkis said. "The next time you ask her to get you a beer, you might suddenly find yourself degraded and feminized."

The dominating women of Forced Fem are Samantha Sin, Kylee Reese and Cassandra Cruz. The title streets May 27. To order, call (800) 765-1220.