Kick Ass Busts Out <i>HD Double-D's</i>

GLENDALE, Calif. — What better to behold in shimmering high-definition crispness than a pair of shiny, gargantuan knockers?

Kick Ass Pictures didn't think it could top that, and so for its first release in a high-def format, it concocted HD Double-D's, starring Natasha Nice, Rucca Page, Jenna Doll and others, and shipping next week on HD DVD.

"We wanted something with real general appeal," explained Kick Ass president Mark Kulkis. "Big titties are kind of a universal fetish. And we came up with a clever title ... it all kind of fit."

Kulkis said HD Double-D's is somewhat of an experiment for the company to test the market for HD product. "We're just kind of sticking our toes in the water here," he said. "I think we'll get a good indication of the sales of any kind of HD format from this release."

The news out of last week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that HD DVD is headed for extinction doesn't discourage Kulkis about his decision to go with the format for this release ... but he doesn't dismiss it, either.

"There's just as many HD DVD players now as there were two weeks ago," he said. "In the long run, it does look like Blu-ray is going to be the format, so a year from now it'll be different, but right now I don't think it'll be a difference."

Kulkis compared this technological turning point to the advent of DVD. "When the DVD format came along and I was running Hustler Video, we didn't jump into it right away," he said. "We kind of waited until the market solidified a little bit more, and then we started putting them out.

"If this gets a good reaction," Kulkis said, "I'll probably proceed, but I probably will proceed in the direction of Blu-ray."

HD Double-D's streets Tuesday, Jan. 29. For more information, go to or For sales, call (800) 765-1220.