Kick Ass Brews Up a 'Crock of Love'

GLENDALE, Calif. — Kick Ass Pictures is throwing its own crooked hat into the porn parody ring with the just wrapped Crock of Love, based on mega-popular reality show "Rock of Love" and due out on standard DVD and Blu-ray in August.

Master porn thespian Evan Stone fills the central role of barely relevant former rock god Brüte Micheals, who "surveys the world around him," as a company press release describes, "from under a generous layer of guy-liner, faded bandanas and cowboy hats as he croons age-old hits to over-sexed drama queens roughly half his age."

Said drama queens are portrayed by Andy San Dimas, Natalia Rossi, Nikki Rhodes, Aiden Starr, Victoria Lawson and Misty Stone.

"These desperate attention whores bare their souls (among other things) as they attempt to scratch, claw and sleep their way into Brüte's life," the release goes on. "Just like any other lonely rock star, Brüte has decided that the best way to find the love of his life is to fill a house with beautiful young women and have a film crew record their every drink, lesbian kiss and nervous breakdown. While they may never have heard of Brüte Michaels or his music, the women sure as hell know how to stop being real and start getting crazy when the camera is pointed in their direction."

Crock of Love also features the dick-slinging talents of Mikey Butders and Justin Long.

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