Kevin Blatt Shopping Book on Celebrity Sex Tapes

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - The New York Post reported today that celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt is looking for a publisher to pick up his proposal for a book on the ins and outs of those tapes and how they wind up being peddled to the public.

Tentatively titled "Hollywood Sex Tape," the proposed tome, as Blatt explained to AVN, promises to reveal "who the major players are that are brokering it, who are the people that are signing off on these tapes, what are the legalities of these tapes, and what happens in Hollywood when a tape like this is released and what type of crisis management jumps into place with these Hollywood attorneys and celebrities.

"When you're dealing with some celebrities that make $25 million a motion picture," Blatt went on, "I don't think you realize just what kind of assets they have available to them as far as legal resources and people. There's a whole other side of the story that people really don't know from, and I'm going to touch upon a little bit of that."

As to whether he fears any recourse from adult industry insiders as a result of what's revealed in the book, Blatt said, "I'm sure. You know what? At the end of the day, there's a lot of people that made a lot of money on [these tapes]. Some people made it legally, a lot of people made it illegally. I mean, nobody's exempt from history. If it's in history, and you made money off of [these tapes], you're probably going to be included in my book in some capacity. And if you had some behind-the-scenes dealings with this, you might still be featured in this book, who knows? Some people will be cringing, there's no doubt about it."

Blatt said that he is close to securing a deal on the book, and that after the mention of it in the Post, a small bidding war erupted. "I'm looking at new cars right now," he said. "I just bought a car two days ago, that's the funny part. I'm looking to trade up already.

"The good thing is, with all this new exposure, hopefully I'll be getting GameLink a lot more exposure, as well," Blatt concluded. "That's my major job right now, is working public relations for them, and it just seems like every time I throw myself back into work, something out of the clear blue happens. This book proposal was submitted over a year ago. I only sent the proposal to four people. I think it's the original publisher I sent it to that leaked it, and they were testing the waters, but obviously now they see they got a viable commodity. It's not a completed book by any stretch of the imagination. I've got about seven chapters right now. This definitely helped today; you can't even imagine how shocked I was. Shocked the hell out of me."