Kevin Blatt Explores <i>Virgin Territory</i>

Adult industry publicist and Sling It Productions owner Kevin Blatt, 37, has come up with an idea that he said will "finally get me out of porn!" Blatt, the man behind the Paris Hilton sex tape, is holding a press conference this morning at the Standard hotel in downtown Los Angeles to announce the production of his new reality TV series, Virgin Territory.

Described as a mix between Big Brother and The Howard Stern Show, Virgin Territory follows ten males on a quest to lose their virginity to a female celebrity. Every week, a virgin is "prematurely ejected" based on his lack of performance in sexually charged competitions such as MILF and Cookies, The Blue BallRoom, Sexual Concentration, STD Spelling Bee and Dildo or Don't. According to, Paris Hilton and Jenna Jameson are among the celebrities Blatt is courting for the series.

Blatt got the idea while watching the Steve Carell comedy, The 40 Year Old Virgin. "You think every reality show concept has been done by now," said Blatt, "But no one's done this. The big networks are all interested. Judging by all the calls I've received today, I'm on to something big. There's a big smile on my face right now."

But, short of a penile hymen, how can Blatt prove the contestants are truly virgins?

"Well, we're definitely going to have to use the honesty system," said Blatt. "They'll be thoroughly questioned and profiled. You can always tell who's still a virgin anyway. It's like a scent."

All interested male virgins between the ages of 18 and 34 can send name and contact information to [email protected].