Keri Windsor Named CEO of OuterVision Media Inc.

OuterVision Media Inc. (OVM), a provider of web platform/infrastructure services to independent artists and novelty acts, announced earlier this week that adult performer Keri Windsor, star of adult videos such as the award winning Naked Hollywood series, has been named the company's Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of its Board of Directors. rnrn

"It's an Internet company that wasn't involved in adult. They contacted me about six months ago wanting to restructure their own company and come into the adult side. I didn't want to be just an advisor. I'm 29 now so I needed to start looking for something way out of just being in front of the camera," Windsor told

After months of negotiations, Windsor sold them her website, which is now maintained by OVM, and became a majority shareholder in the company. rnrn

Windsor hopes her time in front of the camera will help female talent feel more at ease working with her company - because she's had the same business experience that others in the industry have had when dealing with webmasters. rnrn

"When it comes to websites, and I've experienced this myself, a lot of guys maintaining the girls' websites are driving nice corvettes while the girls are driving pintos. So its important to me to put the money back into the girls pockets, and I decided if they were going to utilize me for my knowledge of the adult business that I was going to retrain their way of thinking so that there would be some sort of equity," Windsor said.rnrn

According to Windsor, OVM will provide webspace, design, cameras, and bandwidth for performers to stream live feeds through their websites - all with no setup charge or monthly. In return, OVM will receive 50% of membership fees. rnrn

"I'm looking for girls who can make a commitment to maintain their websites. If you don't update the site, or make yourself available on the site via live feeds, then you aren't going to retain members," Windsor said.rnrn

She will be assisted in managing the company's operations by Jon Berry, President and COO of OVM.rn rn

"We were delighted to have been able to recruit Keri to lead our team," said Berry. "We believe that Keri's knowledge of the adult business, her experience and extensive contacts will permit the company to execute on its business plan."rnrn

The company received seed funding from Amity Partners L.L.C., a New York based new media venture firm and is currently completing a second round of financing led by Stepping Stone Partners. rnrn

The company's headquarters are located in New York, with a satellite office in Los Angeles, California. rnrn

For more information, please contact Keri Windsor at 805-732-3932 or Jon Berry, at 845-258-7003.