Keri Sable Discusses New Wicked Plans

Brand new Wicked Pictures contract performer Keri Sable told that she has been a fan of her new adoptive company for a long time.

Sable, a 19-year-old, gonzo favorite who originally hails from Buffalo, N.Y., just signed to a two year-exclusive contract with Wicked.

“The first porn movie that I ever saw, I swear to God, was The Wicked One with Jenna Jameson,” Sable said. “I was always a fan of features — I never really watched gonzos until I was in them.”

Of her decision to sign with Wicked Pictures — a company known for its solid plot-based offerings, Sable was very clear on her reasons for doing so.

“I think I did a lot in gonzo, and I love it and I love doing all those kinds of things, don’t get me wrong, but I just feel like I could only shoot for all the companies so many times, and I want longevity in this business, and I think that being with a company like Wicked is going to give me that longevity. I don’t plan on not doing anal or d.p. any more, I definitely plan on still doing those things, and I feel like my scenes can be just as hot and just as raunchy with a condom…. I personally think that this is a good thing because my fans get to see me in a different light. They’ve seen me get a d.p. from Red Light a million times, but like I said, I think my scenes will be just as hot. I don’t feel like because there’s a condom or a plot that the scenes aren’t as good.” she said. “I pretty much had my heart set on Wicked from when I first got in the business. I really, really think that they’re the best company. I love everyone there. I love Steve Orenstein. I think he’s the nicest guy in the business that I’ve met. I love the other girls. I really do think they’re the best company. I would not want to be with anyone else.”

Asked if Wicked’s condom-only policy was a substantial part of her decision, Sable affirmed that it was, saying, “I think we’d all feel safer with condom only. It definitely takes a lot of stress off, a lot of worry.”

Of her long-term goals, Sable kept it brief.

“I hope to be a superstar in this business. I’ve worked really hard. I plan on working really hard, paying my dues, and doing what I need to do.”

Sable’s first starring production for Wicked will be a vignette production directed by Michael Raven, but she appears in director Brad Armstrong’s sequel to The Collector —the also shot-on-film Sold, scheduled to be released later this year.

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