Kendall Karson Pledges More Charity Work

LOS ANGELES—Fresh off attending a charity poker tournament to benefit the families of fallen police officers in south Florida, Kendall Karson is stepping up her charity work, this time with an organization dedicated to helping women combat domestic violence—an issue Karson recently dealt with in her personal life.  

In an interview with a poised Karson outlined the reasoning for her passion for giving back, and particularly why she hopes to share her personal story in order to help others who might face similar situations.

"The new charity that I'm going to be taking on, donating to, and offering to be a spokesperson for is the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)," Karson told AVN. "The reason I chose this specific charity is because I myself have experienced domestic violence, especially recently, and it's a close subject to my heart. I want to share my story and empower other women so they don't have to be in the same situation I was in. Hopefully if they are in that situation they can get strength and advice from not only myself but from the charity itself and seek help in order to be able to get out of a violent situation."

Nominated for an AVN Award for Best New Starlet this year, Karson was forthright and eager and to talk about her recent personal situation, which involved an ex-boyfriend, a restraining order and ultimately an investigation into claims of an assault against her by her former partner. 

"I want to be an open book about my situation," she said. "It's not something I feel embarrassed about; it's something I feel I should be using it to help others, and the only way that can be effective is if I don't hold back. I know a lot of times women are embarrassed by domestic violence and are made to feel guilty through psychological or mental abuse by being manipulated so I want to make sure I can be strong and empower women by being honest."

Karson went on to describe various situations in which her ex-boyfriend, male performer Jessy Jones, manipulated her, threatened her, and ultimately assaulted her, she claims. Karson asserts that there "was a build up of threatening, harassing, controlling, jealous and manipulative behavior for months, which only continues to escalate."

"The most recent occurrence of domestic abuse, which ended things for me and why I needed to get a restraining order, was on Feb. 22 on the way to the airport," Karson said. "He was going to drive my car home and take care of my apartment and cat while I was away. He got in a big argument with me in the car and I told him finally 'enough is enough.' I told him he wouldn't be driving my car home, he couldn't stay at my apartment while I was gone. He didn't believe me. So when we got to the parking lot at the Burbank airport he refused to get out of my car. I threatened to get the cops. … Eventually I gathered my stuff and started walking towards the terminal. As I was walking I could hear someone coming up behind me very quickly. I turned around and he proceeded to choke me for about 20 seconds. I was stunned because no matter what problems we had, I always defended him and said he'd never lay a hand on me. I finally came about my wits and I pushed him off of me and slapped him in self-defense. There's no justification for putting your hands on a woman. 

"He proceeded to follow me into the airport, through the crowd, trying to make a big scene," Karson continued. "He followed me through the TSA line. I needed to make this flight so I left. He then began to text me threatening messages while I was gone. I have text messages admitting he choked me."

In text messages obtained by AVN from Karson, and included in the official police report, Jones admits to assaulting her. "U made your point today …I chocked [sic] you and your [sic] the victim ok," he texted Karson.

After the alleged assault, Karson went to the police to report the incident shortly after returning home a few days later from her trip. The following day she went to court to file a temporary restraining order against Jones. 

AVN was able to confirm that Karson's restraining order against Jones was filed in court on March 8. AVN also was able to confirm and view the police report Karson filed against Jones for the domestic assault incident at the airport.   

Later that night after locking her bedroom door to go to sleep, Karson said she heard Jones, who was still staying with her, leaving her apartment. Suspicious as to his reason for leaving, Karson walked out into her hallway, when Jones, startled to see her, dropped a knife. After finally giving up the knife, Karson collected the other knives in her apartment and locked her bedroom door behind her to call the police. Karson explained that she only was letting Jones stay with her upon advice of the police so he would be able to be served with the restraining order as he had no other known address. 

"I didn't feel safe and was afraid for my life," she said. "I called the police and I explained my situation to them, told them I had a restraining order that hadn't been served yet and that I needed help. The cops came, I showed them my copy of the restraining order, and they listened to both of our stories. They allowed him to pack up his things, and they served him with the restraining order at approximately 1:45 in the morning on March 9. They made him leave and explained to him he's not to come back here or be within 300 feet of me."

Karson claims that within less than an hour of being served with a temporary restraining order, Jones returned to the property, breaking the restraining order, in order to retrieve his motorcycle from the building's garage. Karson then looked through security camera footage with her property manager where she says she saw Jones take his bike out of the garage at 2:42 a.m. 

Karson has a March 29 hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court where she is seeking to extend the temporary restraining order for a period of three years. 

As for her charity work, Karson said that she plans on making monetary donations to the NCADV, as well as offering to be a spokesperson, making speeches, and hopes to put together fundraisers.  

"I'm getting involved with the charity because it should be a nationwide effort to end domestic violence," Karson said. "I want my story to be heard, and I want there to be some positive that I can take from my experience and be able to help other people. They need to know it's not their fault. Domestic violence is not okay. They need to find the strength to break the cycle. I urge fellow members of the adult industry, fans, and the public to help make a stand against domestic violence and help the cause in any way they can."

AVN has attempted to reach Jones for comment but was unable to at post time.