Kelly Skyline Grabs First Box Cover, Joins A! Crew

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Porn newcomer Kelly Skyline has scored her very first box cover with Sin City Teen's Barely 18 #38, in which she does an outdoor girl/girl scene with Natasha Nice.

"It was pretty hot," Skyline told AVN. "The gardeners from the house behind us were watching the whole time. We didn't notice 'til they called 'cut,' and then you hear a 'fwoomp,' and you see these mustaches come flying out of the bush."

Skyline has also joined Tony Batman's "A! Entertainment" crew. "Basically, wherever Tony and [his co-hosts] Ryder Skye and Regan [Anthony] go, I'll be there, too. I'm like a fill-in for Ryder or Regan when they travel," she said.

Skyline is currently weighing offers to shoot her first full boy/girl scene (she's shot a number of handjob and blowjob scenes thus far). The 18-year-old cutie is holding out for "the right price and the right guy."

Those interested in placing their bids for this event, or booking Skyline for anything else, should contact Gold Star Modeling.