Katie Summers on Board as Producer/Star of Mainstream Comedy

DALLAS—Adult starlet Katie Summers has teamed up with Dallas-based Under the Tower Productions as co-producer and cast member of ensemble comedy Six of a Kind, shooting this spring and due out in Fall 2013.

The project's writer/director, Anthony Cortez, is a lifelong friend of Summers' from her native Texas who has written several feature-length scripts including Six of a Kind. In the movie, Summers will play Sway, one of a group of college friends who gather for a poker night on the eve of their graduation.

"[Cortez] and I have been talking about putting this film into production for years now," Summers said. "It's a dream for both us. I am really excited to be working with one of my best friends."

More information about the movie, including a video discussion with Cortez and Summers, can be found at its official website, www.sixofakindmovie.com.