Katie Summers Inks Deal to Play Black Canary for Sinister X

GLENDALE, Calif.—Rob Black's Sinister X Syndicate has signed adult starlet Katie Summers to a deal for her to play Black Canary in the company's upcoming Justice League 3DX for its Sinister Comixxx imprint. 

Summers also will slip into the black vinyl and prep her lungs for Black Canary's sonic scream in the company's Birds of Prey XXX ROKU TV series, available exclusively through the device on the Extreme Entertainment Network.

A 22-year-old Fort Worth, Tex. native, Summers started performing in 2009 amassing an impressive list of close to 100 credits while working for many of the top studios. Follow Summers on Twitter here.

"This week has been a whirlwind of press, publicity and demand for our upcoming feature Birds of Prey XXX, and because of the calls, letters and inquiries we've received, we've already decided to move forward with an exclusive TV mini series through our Extreme Entertainment Network, available on your TV with a ROKU device, as well as on your computer, your tablet and your mobile device," Black said.

Black continued to explain that the demand for Birds of Prey is so high, that he was forced to recast, in time for his new stars to promote at this years Comic-Com.

"Our presence at Comic-Con will be epic as Katie represents our crew as Black Canary, promoting the Birds of Prey upcoming DVD release, and promoting her starring role in the new ROKU TV series we are producing," Black said. "Along with Katie will be Alexis Ford signing in her Snow White costume under the Fairy Tale Films banner of the Sinister X Syndicate."

Promising even more tricks up his sleeve, Black has been dogged in his pursuit of the parody market, and that includes plans for the Extreme Entertainment Network, an access-anywhere, access-everywhere network system, that will air exclusive content, mini series and features on TVs, computers, tablets and mobile devices. 

"Our soon-to-be-launched Extreme Entertainment Network allows us to reach our fans like never before, giving them access to our content on a TV, as well as a computer or phone," Sinister X Syndicate Head of Sales Dave Peskin said. "By having this system, we have the ability to offer exclusive content including special featurettes, scenes and specials highlighting our top tier talent such as Katie Summers, Alexis Ford, Lizzy Borden and Jennifer White. The Sinister X Syndicate continues to make power moves, and you'll see over the coming months, that our expansion can not be contained."