Katie Morgan Squashes Arrest Rumor

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Online stories that popped up overnight reporting Katie Morgan had been arrested were completely fabricated, Morgan tells AVN.

"I woke up to a barrage of phone calls and emails from concerned friends ... I have no idea where it came from," Morgan said. "It's better than I'm dead, I guess, if you're going to get a rumor."

The most "comprehensive" of the reports, posted at divaa.com, read, "Katie Morgan presented at Douglas County Jail on following charges: Escape II, tampering with evidence, resisting arrest, interfering with police, carrying a concealed weapon and illegal possession of marijuana."

"I love their random and generic 'Douglas County,'" Morgan laughed. "How many of those are there?"

Morgan put the rumor to rest on her own Twitter account, as well, posting, "Hahaha! Just woke up to find out I was arrested last night ROFL good times with bad reporting, for the record I am home safe and warm in bed."