Kama Sutra Launches New Lube Line

Kama Sutra, a company known for its romance-enhancing products like their Oil Of Love and Honey Dust, has recently released a new line of personal lubricants.

The company says the four lubes are condom safe, dermatologist tested and wash off easily. Love Liquid is a water-based lubricant and Brahma is a water-based gel while Pleasure Potion is a lightweight silicone and Royal Bengal is a highly concentrated silicone.

“Our new line of personal lubricants provides superior performance and function, “ Kama Sutra owner/co-founder Joseph Bolstad said in a statement.

“When it comes to texture, feel and comfort it is critical that our loyal consumers are given a variety of options. So we have developed four different formulas resulting in lubricants that everyone’s body will be happy with,” Bolstad added.

The lubes come in a pre-packaged POP display.

Retailers interested in the lubes should ask their distributors about them or visit kamasutra.com.