Kagney Linn Karter: An AVN Interview

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Kagney Linn Karter plans to start her feature dancing career on May 28 at the Spearmint Rhino in the City of Industry. The Missouri native is on a roll as she closes out her eighth month in porn. She landed the cover of the June issue of Penthouse magazine as their Pet of the Month on the heels of her first cover – Hustler magazine’s April issue. We asked Karter several questions about her promising adult entertainment career.


Age: 22 

Hometown: Born in Harris County, TX and raised in St. Joseph’s, MO (near Kansas City)

Agency: LA Direct Models

Karter is the former Deju Vu Showgirl of the Year in Missouri as well as the national runner-up in 2007. She can be seen in movies such as She’s Got Big Boobs and Naughty College Schoolgirls 52 from New Sensations, POV Centerfolds 8 (Zero Tolerance) and Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2 (Elegant Angel).

On adult: “I love performing in adult movies. Obviously, a lot of people don’t like features because they’re longer hours and days but I love features. Features are my favorite." 

How many scenes so far?  “I’ve probably done about 75. Features I want to say maybe 15.” (She started in September.)  

On playing Kelly Bundy in X-Play/Hustler’s Not Married with Children XXX: “You know people wouldn’t think it would be hard to channel that character but she really made ‘Married with Children’ what it was, so it’s just really exciting for me. I love role playing. That’s a part of porn that I really do enjoy, because I did want to act. But I just so happen to love sex as well. And I’m great at it and I really enjoy this job, too.”  

First scene: “Naughty America. It was an Internet scene. It was a boy/girl with Johnny Sins. It was fun. It was easy. It was a breeze. I wasn’t nervous or anything. Probably had a little bit of jitters, but once I really decided I was going to get into the business, I just knew it. It wasn’t like an unsure thing for me. It was either you’re going to do it and make it your career or you’re going to keep pursuing other dreams. But with this, I felt like it’s time, you know.... I just felt like a calling. It felt like it was perfect for me. And in this business, they don’t say like you have to wait. You get in and you can be hands-on right then. ...

“It was easy, once I made this decision to not be nervous or not have hesitation it was this is it, I’m going to do it and there’s no turning back. There’s no looking back. It was either all or nothing. I mean it wasn’t like, ‘Oh I’m going to do porn to get extra money so I can see about my acting career. It was, you know what I love acting but this is also a way where I can find all the things that I love to do and put it into one thing and it would great for me. I thought you know what I’m going to do it. I’m gonna be a porn star. I really feel like I can take it all the way in this business. I’m just excited. I’m totally driven.”  

On landing the April 2009 cover of Hustler from a Holly Randall shoot: “That kind of ties into me getting into the business because I had thought about getting into the business for a long time before I did it. Because I actually had moved to California when I was 18 to pursue acting and singing. Not a lot of people know that. But I started dancing and I don’t want to say I had a falling out with my manager but I had a falling out with my manager because of being a dancer which it didn’t work out.

“So I didn’t pursue the career as much after that and just started dancing. And I got a few modeling jobs here and there but without a little bit of guidance it kind of fell to the side. The more and more that I danced everyone was like, ‘you really should get into the adult business. You would do really well.’ That’s like when I really started to study the industry a little bit and I put an ad up – which a lot of girls do this – on sexy jobs. And Holly Randall responded to the ad, and this is before I really thought about actually taking the plunge. And I went on their site and I saw the work that they did and I then signed with LA Direct Models, and Holly was like you should come here for a go-see and I did and that’s how I ended up shooting for them, but I had met Holly before I even met Derek at LA Direct. I met them first so it was just really interesting once I got into the business because I didn’t know how big they were and what they did.

“So once I got in I was like, oh I don’t even have to wait for them to realize that I’m here now. I can just go on a go-see and I just fell in love with Suze and Holly both. I usually shoot with Holly now. I’ve only shot with Suze once, but now I always shoot with Holly. It was just the best way I really think to come into the business because I got to experience that right away and I knew that was the kind of porn that I wanted to do. I want it to be glamorous all the time. It kind of set the tone for me.

“... The [cover shoot] set was so much fun. It’s not like work shooting for them. It’s different. They let you be a girl. I love the way that they keep it glamorous. They keep porn glamorous because that’s what I feel I should be at all times, within reason. I know we have gonzo and stuff like that. I just think that a girl should always be glamorous so they showed me the photo set and it was gorgeous and Hustler loved it and then they picked it up and then they gave me the cover. And I was like, ‘Oh my God my first cover!’

“I think it was everything I ever hoped it would be. Getting my first cover, for some people it might not be that big of a deal but I mean to me it was just like amazing. It was a celebration for sure so that’s that. I love Holly and Suze, shooting for them is so much fun. I would do it every day if I could.”

What kind of sex do you like? “I’m really young now. Every time you think you know it all, you learn something new. I’m just really exploring so many new - I mean I’m like horny as hell. My hormones are raging all the time so really any kind of sex is good sex to me.

“I’m never picky I don’t like walk on set, and say, ‘oh he’s ugly.’ I don’t look at the guy’s face. As long as they have a great personality or any personality at all, just a nice guy you know. As long as you’re not causing any problems or rough. I want to make a great scene. So any sex is good sex to me. I’m boy crazy to be honest with you, and girl crazy. I’m going crazy right now, so it’s not easy to pinpoint. Let’s just put it that way.”

Turn ons? “I like doing solos a lot. I’m really good at doing solos. I turn myself on. As far as sex goes, I’m really into threesomes right now. Guy and girl threesomes, or girl-girl threesomes, more so in my personal life because in a scene it’s really hard to tell, but if I can get a good threesome in my personal life it’s really exciting. ... I like to see other people enjoying themselves too! I don’t mind sharing all the time. Sometimes it’s good to have something to yourself, but I don’t mind sharing. I’ll say that. And a lot of my friends know that.”

Fantasizes about: “One of my sexual fantasies would be having and being a sex slave. That’s something that I fantasize about a lot when I’m having sex. And not with being mean to [the slave] or beating it, maybe just being able to control somebody and tell them whatever, like what to do and then they have to do it. And then I also I enjoy thinking of somebody telling me what to do. I think about a lot of dirty things that wouldn’t be ok for me probably in real life, but to think about them is always fun.

“... I don’t know how much I would enjoy being told what to do in real life unless it was like known that we were playing a game. You know what I mean? In your fantasies you don’t have to know that, you can just like fantasize about it. So that’s definitely something that I fantasize about, is sex slaves. ... I know, I’m completely freaky, you wouldn’t even think of it when you see me. I just look like this sunshine, bright-eyed, blue-eyed blonde-haired girl and I have so many naughty things going on in my head.”

On Singing: “I love blues, so I have like a very sultry voice, I would say. ... I write. I don’t play any instruments though. But it’s nice to connect with those who do. It’s just a hobby of mine. Eventually, I would love to produce sexy soundtracks for movies. I think that would be cool. I know a lot of people who produce their own soundtracks to their videos and stuff. I know William H. does for Elegant Angel. I thought gosh, that would be a really good way for me to channel my singing voice as well in this industry. I do get in the studio every so often. I have tracks that need to be laid. ... I was into more acting. That’s always just been a hobby of mine, kind of a side thing.”   

On growing up in the South: “I’m really so Southern at heart. I love BBQ. I love ribs. I can’t stop eating meat. I could never become a vegetarian. I don’t see how people do it. So yeah, I eat really good and I always have. So I’m just really used to Southern hospitality and doing things with integrity and being honest. Sometimes I’m like, ‘oh, it’s hard to say I came to California to pursue a dream of acting and became a porn star,’ but you know what I live it up to the fullest. It’s the honesty and integrity in me that will take me all the way. So I think it’s important not to pretend that I am something that I’m not and just let people know the truth.”

On Deju Vu Showgirl of the Year in Missouri in 2007: “I started dancing to save up money to move out here. I was like, ‘Mom, I really want to do this, and there’s nothing that I don’t tell my Mom. She knows everything. So that’s why I actually started dancing.

“I competed in a competition and my manager was like, ‘You gotta get your shit together if you’re going to move to LA.’ So I felt the pressure, started dancing, and got out here and got some auditions and stuff like that. I was kind of rolling into things and then he found out that I was dancing and that was just completely unacceptable. So after I didn’t have him anymore, I didn’t know what to do. So I just kept dancing. I learned to love it. I loved the art of it, because my father was a gymnast. ... So it was just kind of my way of channeling what I know of him through dancing. It was just so much and I just lost myself, learning how to do tricks and be a good stage performer, which really worked to my advantage once I decided to get into the industry because that’s such a big part of the industry. I can’t wait to start featuring. I really excited about it. Once I got into the business and found out I could compete in competitions like that I just started working my ass off and that was just something I succeeded in. I just took to it so well and I competed in the Déjà vu Showgirl competition and I was locally, Showgirl of the Year. I took second in Regionals and second in Nationals. That was something that was really exciting for me because that was an accomplishment.”

Drink of choice: “I like girly drinks like Amaretto Sour’s. Every once in a while I’ll drink a Gin & Tonic for my mother because that’s her favorite drink. I like Madres, which is like vodka with cranberry and orange juice, nothing really exciting, Bloody Mary’s, nothing special. I don’t even like to drink Martinis, it’s just too much. I don’t really like to take shots too often either. If you see me taking shots then you know I’m pretty lit.”

Previous jobs: “I was a hostess my senior year at a Mexican restaurant and I worked at Office Max, that’s about it. I started dancing when I got out of high school to move to California. That was it.”

What extra curricular stuff did you do in high school? “I was a cheerleader. I ran track. I was of course in speech and debate. I went to tournaments in speech and debate class. I was a little bit of a party girl. I was probably one of the most promiscuous girls in my high school, my senior year, yeah. My extra curricular activities was just being you know, turning 18 and being free.

“I cheered my freshman year and my sophomore year in high school. Junior and senior year I ran track. I ran the 400 (one lap). I wasn’t really fast. I was endurance. I didn’t have a lot of speed but I could go for the long run. We did relays.

Were you homecoming queen? “Everyone was jealous of me. I was really picked on. It was hard being beautiful. I was picked on a lot. I was always defending myself at parties. Girls would just pick fights with me for no reason. It was hard, it sucked. It was a never-ending thing and I never tried to pick fights with anybody. I was really chill, but being a pretty girl, it caused a lot of problems. Then I was really promiscuous, so I got talked about all the time. I’m still the most talked about girl from my high school, even more so now.

“Actually I get more of a positive reaction now. There’s always people that are gonna say good and bad things about you, just got to take the good with the bad. And I’m happy. I’m totally happy with my life and who I am. I really am. I mean I couldn’t ask for better friends and I love my career. I’m so happy to just plunge into this business and just show everyone who Kagney Linn Karter is. It’s going to be exciting. I look forward to the next five years for sure.”

Photo courtesy of Holly Randall.