Justin Slayer Celebrates Obama Inauguration with 'Phatty Girls 9'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Justin Slayer International has released its latest ethnic title Phatty Girls #9, just in time for today's inauguration of Barack Obama.

When asked if he planned the release as a political tie-in, Slayer replied: "Not really. We were just wrapping up our production of Phatty Girls 9 as the election process was winding down. As we were finishing up the post-production of Phatty, Obama was leading in the polls right before the election, so after watching his victory on Nov. 4, it was all the more reason to make this one special!"

Launched five years ago, Phatty Girls won AVN's Best Ethnic-Themed Series award in 2007.

"Phatty Girls is definitely one of Justin's biggest-selling titles," said sales rep Sandee Johnson, who worked with Slayer at Evil Angel before joining JSI last year. "His fans are very passionate about this title, so Justin put some extra care on this one."

As a leading producer of black and interracial videos, Slayer took the opportunity to comment on what the Obama inauguration means to him. 

"Today is significant on so many levels," Slayer said. "The so-called 'Obama Effect' is definitely having an impact on the thinking of the masses across the United States and the world. It represents a new thought, new direction, and a new idea surfacing among the people. It's particularly special for me because its my first year in business as a distributor of not only my product but the products of other African-American directors - Prince Yahshua, CJ Wright, Josh Stone, and General Moe. In the past, showing black sexuality was considered taboo. We are definitely shattering that perception with every release."

Phatty Girls 9 stars Luscious Louis, Aryana Starr, Chyanne Jacobs, Sabara, and Apple. For more information, visit justinslayerint.com.