Just One of the Gays? Flynt Not A Fan Of Rudy's "Three's Company" Spinoff

NEW YORK – Oh, Larry Flynt! Say it ain't so! He's presented himself for years as one of the guiding lights of free speech and sexual freedom, but his recent comments in a Web exclusive to VanityFair.com are more shocking than, say, news that Jamie Lynn Spears is knocked up.

According to Richard Johnson's Page Six report in the New York Post, Flynt seemed perturbed and nonplussed that Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani moved in with a gay couple after the candidate broke up with companion Donna Hanover.

Johnson reports that Flynt told VanityFair.com, "I don't hate gays. But I don't want to live in an apartment full of them. They'll bitch and cry and all. That doesn't bother Giuliani. It doesn't bother Giuliani to put a dress on to do 'Saturday Night Live.' I don't trust him."

Flynt, who recently has been on one of periodic crusades to expose sexually philandering lawmakers by offering $1 million for the evidence, pointedly asked Giuliani through VanityFair.com, "Why do you break up with your wife and move in with gay guys?"

No word from Giuliani, but maybe he couldn't find any Negroes to bunk with.