Julie Simone Releases <i>Audition</i> SE

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Julie Simone has released a special edition DVD of her AVN Award-nominated bondage feature Audition.

"Most people who have seen the movie have said it has a cult value/appeal, so I wanted to go with that when differentiating between the two versions," said Simone. "I wanted to do something so slight that a collector would have to look for it." 

Audition stars Gia Paloma as an aspiring actress who is subjected to a shocking ordeal of bondage, cruelty and domination. Packaging for the Audition SE features a small silver metallic star under the title, with the Special Edition noted on the disc and menus.  

"The audio has been remastered and there's a bonus extra: the 18-minute version that was screened at the LA Erotic Film Festival," SImone said. "That version isn't merely an abridged version, it has a completely different edit than the original version that's much more surreal."

Julie Simone videos can be purchased through Girlfriends Distributing (818) 676-0007 or directly from Julie Simone Productions (323) 924-5503.

To see more of Julie Simone and her "stylish brutality," visit www.JulieSimone.com.