Julia Roca Tries Virtual Reality in Joybear's Release ‘Inside’

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Virtual reality and real fantasies come together in Joybear Pictures' new release, Inside, which chronicles one woman’s exploration of herself, her sexuality, and her hidden desires, as she embodies characters in a variety of erotic simulations, including that of other women and men. The DVD is in stores this week.

“Joybear releases are absolutely top-notch, and the studio already enjoys a healthy fanbase in Europe,” noted Pulse VP of Sales Hyland C. “The studio’s films are sexy, fun, and beautifully shot, with excellent talent. It’s our pleasure to make Joybear’s films available here in North America.”

“At a time when so much effort is being put into virtual and augmented reality experiences, both in and out of the porn industry, Inside is Joybear’s take on how you could apply erotica to this tech,” explained Joybear Pictures founder and CEO Justin Santos. “If technology can enable us to be anyone and feel everything, what would we do?”

“Welcome to The Retreat: where curious minds come to play,” reads the tagline for Inside. “Plug in and turn on, to explore a virtual reality experience where you can be anyone, go anywhere, and feel everything.”

Uma is a strong, independent woman, but deep down, she fantasizes about allowing a man to truly dominate her. Slipping into The Cube, The Retreat’s VR simulator, she plays a sexy game of cat-and-mouse with her fantasy lover until she surrenders and begs to be disciplined. Then, curious about her sexual ability, Uma uses The Cube to inhabit the body of another woman, to have an incredible lesbian experience of self-discovery and self-love. With her newfound ability to morph using VR, Uma then selects a rockstar fantasy to experience what it feels like to be a man; when a fame-hungry groupie arrives, Uma revels in the unique sensations which come with fucking as a penis-owner. She then contemplates her next fantasy—that of reliving her youth. Selecting a college scenario, Uma finally acts on her desires towards her best friend, living out her missed teenage lesbian opportunity, and is rewarded with an experience filled with giggles and orgasms. Finally, Uma indulges in one last fantasy, for now: that of being watched; inhabiting the body of a gorgeous blonde, Uma transports herself into a glass-walled room and has hard, intense, exhibitionist sex with her boyfriend in the world’s biggest bathtub, for all the world to see—including her naughty, nosy neighbor.

“Kali Sudhra’s performance in the third scene is superb,” Santos stated. “Her energy is second to none!”

Inside stars fan favorite Julia Roca as Uma, as well as Frida Santa, Natalia Ferrari, Kali Sudhra, Anneke Necro, and Sicilia, in addition to male performers Alberto Blanco, Miguel Zayas, and Juan Lucho. To view the box cover, synopsis, and cast list, click here.

Retailers interested in stocking Inside may contact Hyland C. at [email protected] and/or phone 818-435-1615, or contact an IVD Sales Representative.