Julia Ann Signing This Weekend in San Diego

 Wicked Pictures contract star Julia Ann will appear on Friday and Saturday, March 16-17 at Blow Out Video (3026 Midway Drive, San Diego, CA 92110, 619-224-0900.) Fans can meet and greet Julia on both nights from 8 p.m. – midnight.

The former Blondage dancer recently pushed her onscreen sexual boundaries in Wicked’s Julia Ann: Hardcore. "From what I understand, it’s selling like crazy," Julia told AVN.com. "I’m getting great feedback about the movie from fans on my website. They’re happy I’ve pushed things to the edge; they’ve been waiting for a long time. They also really liked the fact that I went with brunette hair in the movie. I’m a natural blonde, so it’s hard to keep the brunette look – I’m actually back to blonde right now."

Julia’s upcoming movies include Around The World In Seven Days (due in stores on April 11) and Rapture in Blue (due out May 9.)

"Around The World in Seven Days is the follow-up to Julia Ann: Hardcore, and again, it was one of my little brainstorms I wanted to do," Julia told AVN.com. "I asked Francois Clousot to direct it, because I think he’s amazing when it comes to that kind of glamour look. It’s basically about my traveling to different countries -- not literally, but we made it look that way – and each scene we did represents that country on some level.

"For a scene set in Italy, we re-created the famous smashing of the grapes scene from I Love Lucy with me, Manuel Ferarra and Roxy DeVille," she continued. "The Africa sequence with me and Mr. Marcus is gorgeous. We also did a scene in Russia with Katja Kassin [who is German], because I really wanted to work with her badly. I’m going to have to work with her again; sometimes, you’re in a scene that makes it not so easy to get to work with that person. It was supposed to be "snowing" when we did the scene – and the chemicals from the artificial snow actually suck the oxygen out of the room, so whenever we were on our backs, the snow kept drifting into our faces, and we couldn’t breathe."

Rapture in Blue was directed by award-winning porn auteur David Stanley. "It’s what you’d expect from David Stanley; it has that sort of Andy Warhol meets David Lynch sort of feel," Julia told AVN.com. "I worked with Randy Spears in the movie. My character in the movie is a little Scrooge-like; I’m not really flowing through life easily, I fight everything. There’s a little blue teddy bear that takes me through different doors of life, and the teddy bear shows me that if I continue to fight life the way I do, the outcome isn’t going to be pleasant. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it was a lot of fun."

While Julia told AVN.com that she’s enjoying her current comeback, she doesn’t want to continue performing indefinitely.

"Right now, I’ve been working on a makeup career in our industry and doing very well," she said. "I’ve done makeup on a lot of Carmen Hart’s movies, I did Michael Raven’s Visitors, and I’m going to be working for Penthouse. There’s nothing wrong with MILF films, but I’m not a mom and I don’t feel like being pushed into that."

In addition to her Wicked contract movies, Julia is also continuing her feature-dance career. On March 23-24, she will join Kaylani Lei and Kirsten Price at La Boeme in Denver, CO. And she isn't ruling out a reunion with her former Blondage partner Janine Lindemulder.

"I actually just got a call to do something for the Spearmint Rhino's anniversary in the CIty of Industry," Julia told AVN.com. "Nothing's confirmed, but it could be me and Janine, or possibly me and Dyanna Lauren."

For more information on Julia Ann, visit her official website at www.juliaann.com.