Jules Jordan Video Wins Second Motion for Sanctions Against Kaytel

In a U.S. District Court ruling Friday, Jules Jordan Video won its second motion for sanctions in the amount of $5,054.92 against Kaytel Video and ordered Kaytel to produce two employees in Los Angeles for their depositions prior to Oct. 31.

On Oct. 3, the U.S. District Court ordered the defendant Alain Elmaleh to pay sanctions in the amount of $3,000 to Jules Jordan Video for discovery violations in their ongoing piracy suit.

In this action, Jules Jordan Video alleges that the defendants knowingly engaged in the counterfeiting and distribution of pirated Jules Jordan Video, Inc.’s movies. The Complaint seeks unspecified damages and injunctive relief. In a statement, Jules Jordan Video said it will continue to aggressively pursue all who infringe upon its intellectual property rights through all available legal means.

Elmaleh said Friday that he had hired an expert in the field that advised him that, as a foreign company (based in Canada), that he had no power to force any of his employees to take a deposition in the U.S.

“We provided that letter of opinion to Jules Jordan’s attorneys,” Elmaleh said. “If an American judge decides otherwise, it has absolutely no implication on what they can do in a foreign country. I have no objection to our employees taking depositions, but according to Canadian law, we cannot force any employee to do that, so there is nothing we can do about it. We have no objections because we have nothing to hide. Canadian law is made to protect its citizens.”

Jordan responded to that statement, saying, “The jurisdiction in this lawsuit is in the United States and not in Canada, so Canadian law doesn’t apply.”