Juicy Entertainment Distributes DNA, Meltdown

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Producer Dennis D has moved his operations from New York to Los Angeles, where his DNA and Meltdown labels will be distributed by Juicy Entertainment.

"We worked out a good deal that benefits everyone," Dennis told AVN. "I’ll oversee sales while Jerry Estrada of Juicy oversees the box covers and the day-to-day operations. Jerry is a good friend of mine and he’s a great business guy; it made sense for both of us to do this deal since I’m going to be living in Los Angeles again."

DNA and Meltdown will each release two titles per week in various niches including Asian, black, MILF and squirting.

"We'll be starting with new product and box covers through Juicy with other titles dropped to catalog," Dennis said. "We're starting fresh."

Dennis will oversee sales for both companies with Irma Lee as his assistant. For more information, e-mail [email protected]