Juicy Breaks New 3D Ground With Virtual Reality Simulator 3D

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Juicy Entertainment has new released the package art (also available in a softcore version) for its first 3D release from producer Ultra-Magnum Creations, Virtual Reality Simulator 3D, and aside from the beautiful women featured on it—Sarah Sloane, Rachel Roxxx and Capri Cavalli—3D fans will also be surprised to find what appears to be a new style of 3D glasses.

"Yes, these are new glasses, and they are full color, and we designed them, so no one's really tapped into them yet," Ultra-Magnum co-founder Damon Magnum told AVN. "Everyone's got their minds set on the old technology, the red and blue, which are totally awful. The new [active] glasses, the ones for Sony's and Samsung's new TVs, are great but not everyone's got that coin right now to enjoy 3D that way. Now, with our system, many people will be able to enjoy watching 3D adult films."

At first, the glasses resemble the purple/amber "ColorCode" glasses that were handed out in early 2009 for the 3D ads that were broadcast during that year's Super Bowl game, and were also used for episodes of various TV shows like "Chuck" at around that same time. The ColorCode system was roundly criticized as inferior 3D by members of the National Stereoscopic Association, but Magnum assures that his patent-pending proprietary system is a significant improvement over all of the older systems.

"Our glasses employ different filters, a different design," he said. "They block out more light, and the movie's also mixed with a different post-production process. We think everyone's going to have to redefine how they view adult 3D movies."

With over two hours of content, Virtual Reality Simulator 3D (whose package will also include a 2D version of the movie) features boy/girl, boy/girl/girl, POV and oral/deep throat action, as well as a virtual striptease pole dance—all shot on Ultra-Magnum's state-of-the-art 3D system.

"We have all our own equipment, and it took us a long time to study how to do this," Magnum explained. "I mean, I studied this all throughout film school, so I really learned the technical aspects behind this. It's a lot more math and very, very technical, and people neglect that during 3D production. They think, 'All I have to do is put two cameras together and get a great image out of it,' but you really end up with headaches and no depth. So I studied this for about a year and a half before production, and I want to assure everyone that this 3D was not done in post-production. You know, we didn't split frames and do fake 3D. We did it the correct way. It was a two-man production team, and we pretty much built this from the ground up."

Juicy Vice President and Sales Manager Danny Gorman was excited about his company's first 3D release.

"Ultra-Magnum found a stellar cast and then proceeded to capture all their sexuality in the movie," Gorman said. "Working in 3D means it is even more imperative to cast perfect girls. Sarah, Rachel and Capri are beautiful girls and amazing performers—the complete package. The combination of our technology with the girls’ sex appeal and seductive nature makes them come to life and causes a viewer to truly become lost in the virtual experience. The result is the most realistic porn experience I’ve ever seen. Juicy is excited to see how Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D will be received."

"I was really excited when asked to be a part of a 3D movie," rising star Capri Cavalli gushed. "It’s going to change the way porn is created and consumed. Now people have a way to get even closer to me, and I hope I blow their minds… and more!"

Juicy plans to do an extensive promotional campaign leading up to the movie's release on Sept. 29, so retailers should definitely contact the company to get in on the party early.