Judge Okays Janine's Vivid Movie

PORN VALLEY—Veteran star Janine Lindemulder has received the OK from U.S. District Judge Thomas Coffin to appear in an as-yet-untitled Vivid movie before she must report to a Portland, Ore., halfway house on Feb. 5 for violating her probation on her income tax case.

"This is a major victory," the embattled star told AVN. "They had two hearings involving the U.S. government. The judge had said absolutely not, and what he was basing his decision on was that he had watched the Linda Lovelace documentary where she was abused, and he thought the industry was as it was portrayed in the Linda Lovelace thing. We finally convinced him, saying it's not like that whatsoever, and so he didn't approve it; what he said was, 'I'm not approving it but I'm not denying it, so if you want to do it, go ahead,' but he didn't want to put his stamp of approval on it. So it is a go, and we're going to shoot that before I have to report, but it was really exciting, because for porn to go up against the government and win is always exciting."

At Janine's original hearing on Jan. 20, Judge Coffin had forbidden the star from appearing in any form of adult entertainment—movies, dancing, webcam—until after the completion of her sentence, which is scheduled to occur on Sept. 7, 2010. But Janine pressed the issue of her work, and her attorney filed a motion asking the judge to reconsider his ruling, which motion was granted today.

"What we were fighting for was the right to work," Janine explained. "They had stopped all my work as if it was a hobby, and I said, 'This isn't a hobby; this is something that has been my career for 23 years,' and they wouldn't let me do anything in the industry. I said, 'You guys are leaving me to be destitute, and the only thing I can do is sell my belongings, and then when I get out of the halfway house, I'll have absolutely nothing: no car, no furniture, no nothing.' And finally, he agreed that we could do the movie, and this movie will keep us afloat until we're back. It's exciting, and right now, I'm trying to beg Jill Kelly to be a part of it. It's good; it's really exciting."

Janine had been consulting on the movie's script with award-winning director B. Skow, and before the judge's Jan. 20 ruling, principal shooting had been scheduled to begin last week. The schedule has now been rearranged so that all camera work can be accomplished before Janine's deadline.

"It's my first anal movie, which I've never done before," she said. "And it's with my husband, so we've been practicing, and we're really going to put every little ounce of effort into this and do the best we can, and hopefully people will just eat it up. I haven't seen what [B. Skow] has done, but from what I've heard, he does vignettes similar to what Andrew Blake does, but nastier or grittier or something like that. So we're right there with him."

"I feel like a caged animal that's just been released," she continued. "It's been four years since I shot a movie, and to do my first anal with my husband and to actually win against the government, it just fuels the fire, and I'm ready to explode on screen."

Although there had been rumors of several planned Janine projects to be lensed before her return to custody, Janine says that the Vivid movie will be the only one in which she will participate.

"This one is enough to keep us afloat," she reflected. "I have to report to Portland to a halfway house on Feb. 5, and I'm actually really looking forward to it because it's a really good organization, and I'll just do this one movie; my storage will be paid, and my bills and stuff, but as soon as I'm out of the halfway house and off probation—probably not even off probation; as soon as I'm out of the halfway house in four months, we're back, and my next role is to do an epic blockbuster with Vaniity; just her and I on the cover, and it's going to be her and I equally, and it's going to be good; definitely a big, big, huge comeback." 

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(Photo Credit: earlmiller.com)