JUB Radio Scores Interview with Hellbent Director Paul Etheredge

JustUsBoys.com’s JUB Radio has posted an exclusive interview with Paul Etheredge, the writer and director of highly anticipated gay slasher film Hellbent, which opens in theaters this weekend.

JUB Radio is an experimental project into the world of podcasting, and the Etheredge episode marks its fifth broadcast. As the first gay podcast included in the Apple iTunes Podcast Directory, JUB Radio now serves a growing audience of thousands of listeners each week.

The open format of the program allows hosts Thundercizzle and Sha flexibility in programming each episode.

Hellbent was a logical topic for JUB Radio, according to Thundercizzle: “Everywhere I turn in the gay press, from the cover of Gay Web Monkey magazine to Out and the LOGO Network, I kept hearing the buzz over Hellbent and knew that our listeners would be really interested in hearing from Paul.”

In the exclusive interview with Etheredge, JUB Radio asks questions that others may be a little more reluctant to cover.

“I just had to ask if there was gratuitous nudity in the film, and our listeners are sure to enjoy this inside scoop by listening to the answer directly from Paul in the podcast,” Thundercizzle says.

The podcast can be downloaded via iTunes or by visiting the JUB Radio home page.