Joybear Loves The Night Life In New Release  ‘Close To The Bone’

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Anya Olsen and Tyler Nixon head a cast of performers with whom they share their dark, carnal lust in Joybear Pictures' new release Close to The Bone, chock full of beautifully-shot glamcore scenes, a hallmark of Joybear releases.

“Joybear releases are absolutely top-notch, and the studio already enjoys a healthy fanbase in Europe,” noted Pulse VP of Sales Hyland C. “The studio’s films are sexy, fun, and beautifully shot, with excellent talent. It’s our pleasure to make Joybear’s films available here in North America, starting with Close to The Bone.”

In Close to The Bone, the vampire Bryana [Anya Olsen], separated from her lover Jonus [Tyler Nixon] for the first time in 300 years, prowls the city, hungry for fresh meat. She comes across an estate agent, whom she turns into a lustful immortal; in another part of town, Jonus does the same with a gorgeous woman in a pool, leaving their prey reeling in agony and ecstasy. A flashback scene harkens back to the first Vampire Queen, who sought only sexual pleasure and the blood of innocents. Meanwhile, Bryana’s victim arrives home, newly immortal and thirsty for lustful pleasures. She turns her boyfriend while they have passionate sex in their jacuzzi, their immortal bond sealed forever. In the final scene, Bryana and Jonus are reunited with a renewed lust for each other. After sharing their escapades, the immortal lovers are bound together, forever in absolute trust, as Bryana submits to her love.

Close to The Bone is Joybear’s first foray into the blood-sucking world of vampires,” said Joybear Pictures Founder and CEO Justin Santos.“Joybear fave Tyler Nixon and his real-life lady love Anya Olsen were definitely the inspiration in what is essentially a story about keeping the flame alive. These two are electric on screen together, but also in their separate scenes with Azazie Skymm and Loren Minardi.

“Okay; to be honest, we thought it would be fun to mess around with fake blood and fangs,” admitted Santos. “There… I said it!”

Close to The Bone stars Anya Olsen, Azazie Skymm, Cherry Kiss, Loren Minardi, Matt Bird, Sabby, and Tyler Nixon. To view the box cover, synopsis, and cast list, click here.

Retailers interested in stocking Close to The Bone may contact Hyland C. at [email protected] and/or call 818-435-1615, or contact an IVD Sales Representative.